Counselling support & depression on Tamoxifen

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Hi! I have been cancer free for 3 years and have noticed recently that I’m getting bouts of really bad depression and think it is before I have my period. Is anyone else dealing with this whilst on Tamoxifen??
Also, whilst going through treatment, I just went through the motions until I got through it all, worked throughout everything until it all went back to “normal” and now I think I need to seek counselling this all, as I don’t think I ever gave a chance for myself to process everything. Has anyone else seen a counsellor  post cancer and how did you go about it? Are there any specific services?? Thanks! 


  • Cath62
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    Hi @hsk, I think most of us need some sort of counselling. Why wouldn't we need that. It's all a big deal and there are lots of emotional issues to deal with.  BC is such a ride from diagnosis to surgery, chemo, radium and pills. There isn't alot of time to process it while that heavy duty treatment is happening. The so called 'normal' is exactly the time to take stock and seek emotional support from a professional. You might want to consider seeing you GP for a care plan to a psychologist or call the bcna nurses to talk to them. Best wishes. Be kind to yourself. 
  • Greengirl
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    I have seen a psychologist and found it worthwhile.Go to your GP to get a mental health care plan.You can get 10 visits now under MHCP. I was fine for about 7 months after my diagnosis then it felt like someone put the hand break on and everything became a huge effort.I didn’t even have chemo only surgery and radiotherapy. I’m on Tamoxifen also. All the best.Your not alone x 
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    @hsk - Hi, I agree with the above posts and the value of seeking professional support. BC takes us on a fast paced voyage - leaving little to no time to pause and check in with our emotional and mental wellness.The physical/pathological is the immediate focus and hence, the ʻotherʻ remains silent waiting to be addressed and healed, quietly, slowly and gently.
    I have to remind myself of this importance daily. My warmest, kindest thoughts to you and all xx