Shoulder and arm pain after double mastectomy

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Hi there, 
This is my first time to post here. I don't know which category would suite my post.
If you are having same pain or had similar experience in the past and give me any advice, it would be highly appreciated. 
After I had double mastectomy (no construction) in May 2020, I have been suffering from nasty shoulder and arm pain especially last a few weeks.  My breast surgeon told me about possible shoulder and arm pain as after effect when I decided to do double mastectomy, so I was not surprised.  But I am wondering how long it would take to get better.  I cannot raise up my hands and cannot stretch my arms either at the moment. Nocturnal pain disturbs my sleep terribly. I consulted this issue with my GP over the phone but she did not help me so much. My next appointment to see the breast surgeon for following up is early December. Do you think it is better to reschedule the appointment earlier?


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    Sorry, I haven’t had this problem but it sounds a bit like nerve and scarring pain. Have you been doing arm/chest exercises since your surgery? Scarring effects can last much longer than you’d expect, the scar tissue can tighten, causing pain. If you have a breast care nurse, she may be able to advise otherwise I’d be tempted to try and move your December consultation forward. Best wishes. 
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    There's a pilates program designed for us.  If you haven't seen it already here is the link
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    Afraser and iserbrown, 
    Thank you for your response which highlighted my day.
    I will encourage me to do arm and chest exercise more and contact with my breast care nurse.