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Hardness in breast and underarm post surgery’s day getting back to exercise?

NannajayNannajay Canberra Member Posts: 12
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Hi all. This is my first post. I was diagnosed a month ago and just had breast conserving surgery last week and awaiting results. I had 2-3 lymph nodes removed and although I was told the surgery went well, I still have my drain in and hard lumps seem to have formed under my arm and in my breast and whole area is painful. Not due to see surgeon for a few days yet. Can anyone advise if this is normal? The pain is not strong enough for me to go to hospital and hoping it’s just the nerves coming back and the lumps will go away. Any similar experiences by anyone? 

Also want to get back to exercising (jogging and weights), but terrified of triggering lymphoedema. I have appt booked with a therapist but it’s a month away as she was booked out! 
Thanks in advance
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