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Newbie3312Newbie3312 Member Posts: 32
Hi guys just wondering everyones experience with zoladex? I’ve been on it for a month and last three days i just can’t stop crying.. I have arthritis in my neck and that’s been the worst it’s been in a long time for last 10 days and I’m just not sure if it’s the drug or the fact I’ve been running on adrenaline and working hard with horses to keep me busy after op and radiation etc for 3 months and finally just hit a hole... 
I think I’m die to start tamoxifen soon as well ... 
Off to oncologist tomorrow for 2nd injection and will also talk to him but just wondering what people have experienced. Thanks 😊 


  • Dory65Dory65 Member Posts: 228
    Hello @Newbie3312,

    I was on Tamoxifen for five months then had to switch to Zoladex plus Letrozole two months ago. The initial sudden drop or disruption of hormones on any of these drugs is tough. I had severe joint pains, bad insomnia and mood swings in the first weeks on Tamoxifen. It gradually settled down. The switch to Zoladex was fairly uneventful, probably because I had already been on the Tamoxifen. I have noticed joint soreness on Zoladex,/letrozole, but keeping active helps to keep it at bay. I hope you feel better soon. :)
  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 4,315
    I had no problems with Zoladex apart from one hiccup in 2 years.  I think your thought process of adrenaline and working hard are possibly contributing to how you are feeling.  You have been through a lot and need time to reflect and take it all in.  Fatigue is normal and perhaps pushing yourself has brought on the emotions!

    Best wishes with treatment
  • FLCloverFLClover Member Posts: 392
    Hello @Newbie3312

    I’m on Zoladex, I had my third injection a couple weeks ago. I was initially worried about side effects, but have to admit I’ve been feeling quite free and wonderful not having 7 day periods, and PMS that sometimes lasts 2 weeks prior to period starting. So I caught myself actually enjoying it 😮. I do have the occasional hot flush, but they’re short and not very frequent. I do also have moments when I just wanna cry, and I do cry, and I get angry and throw tantrums, but it’s not connected to the Zoladex. It’s just the whole bc thing, daughter not listening, shitty covid situation that gets to me at times. And the fact I still need to deal with getting the bc, even though I’ve accepted it and am mostly ok and moving on with life and generally happy. Now, I did have my first Letrozole tablet today, so we’ll see. I’m hoping not much changes 🤞. And I do have a left shoulder that’s in massive pain, but I think it’s due to a bad sleeping position. 
    Good luck with your injections, I hope the emotions ease up. 
    Mon Xxx
  • Newbie3312Newbie3312 Member Posts: 32
    Thanks everyone. Possibly appears I’m just a bit run down and failing to keep my S$&t together 😂🤦‍♀️
    Fingers crossed my neck has nothing to do with it and hopefully will ease up soon. It’s been a 10/10 pain with a day or two relief here and there. Just got home from riding the horses and dreading the hour drive to do injection. Just want a nap! 
    I keep most of my emotions to myself and I really try amd put on a brave face and just suck up the pain but it does get me down so it kind of helps to put it in words here I think so thanks for replies ... 
    I’m glad everyone who has posted seems to be doing well, you are all so positive so thank you 🥰
  • NelSkyNelSky Member Posts: 31
    Hello 👋 I have a question just started on zoladex nearly a week and have been in tamoxifen I month. I’ve had no periods since yet today I’m spotting and have done discomfort. I’m thinking it’s the zoladex kicking in with my ovaries as I think I recall the nurse saying this may happen early but as you can imagine it’s hard to take it all in? 
    So I guess my question is this in the range of normal ?? Thanks 🙏 
  • MicheleRMicheleR South AustraliaMember Posts: 65
    Hi, im not on tamaxofin only zolodex and that is consistent with my symptoms. Ive been on 2 months and happened both months to date.

    Some hormone emotions like normal cycle too.

    Hope it helps. 

  • NelSkyNelSky Member Posts: 31
    Thanks 🙏@MicheleR it helps to her they and feel somewhat normal x 
  • Newbie3312Newbie3312 Member Posts: 32
    @NelSky I had spotting first month of zoladex and started tamoxifen a month ago. I haven’t had a period since first month of zoladex I’m in month 4 now 😊
  • NelSkyNelSky Member Posts: 31
    @Newbie3312 how are you finding you cocktail 🍹 of drugs ?? 
  • Newbie3312Newbie3312 Member Posts: 32
    @NelSky not great. I am taking a lot of pain killers for arthritis in neck and have quite sore joints from tamoxifen. I take a lot of supplements as well. It’s tough but obviously could be so much worse. I just remind myself every day when I have tablet it’s keeping me healthy. 
    Do you have many side effects from tamoxifen? 
  • Newbie3312Newbie3312 Member Posts: 32
    @NelSky zoladex is a breeze. Just got joint pain and mild flushes but if you’re already on tamoxifen you’ll be fine I’m sure 
  • jjen_80jjen_80 Member Posts: 3 New Member
    I have been taking Tamoxifen and I did experience some changes in mood.. feeling quite teary and down. Normally I am quite cheery. I haven't experienced really bad physical changes, just my mood! Although, my sadness/anxiety could be due to other things too. I was taking Zoladex for a bit but didn't experience any symptoms. 
  • NelSkyNelSky Member Posts: 31
    @Newbie3312 so far so good but in all honestly it’s hard to tell with the myriad of BC and all that goes with. I had a few flushes and tiredness but again I’m half way through radio and am awaiting chemo.
    i actually feel pretty good all things considered x 

  • msg132msg132 BrisbaneMember Posts: 30
    Hi Everyone, Hope you are all doing well. I was diagnosed last year and undergone lumpectomy and nodes removal, Radiation therapy. I was HER2- ER PR+
    Per my doc advise , I skipped chemo and started Zoladex 3.6mg and Latrozole once per day. I developed trigger finger and stiffness and arthritis  in my fingers and joints after 4 months. Doc moved me now to Tamoxifen .
  • NelSkyNelSky Member Posts: 31
    @msg132 sorry 😐 to hear that your side effects are effecting you so much. Can I ask why you skipped chemo ? At first they said no chemo and then I did the endopredict test my oncologist I think was also pro chemo for me even though I’m hormone pos her2 neg.
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