recovering from double mastectomy with Bella's help!

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So I had my double mastectomy recently with expanders put in at the same time (photos to follow in 'Choosing breast reconstruction' when I am a bit further along) for reconstruction and when they examined the breast tissue afterwards they found more DCIS, 10cm in total and I was small breasted! and in the other breast which was a prophylactic mastectomy they found lobular cancer so thank goodness I had the double mastectomy. The operation went very well and the Doctors and Nurses were brilliant.

 This made me laugh :) .  My husband took this picture of me and my Poodle Bella sleeping after coming home from the hospital.  She stole my lovely Zonta cushion given to me in hospital after my second lumpectomy and much appreciated since <3.  I was in hospital for a week in the end after the double mastectomy waiting for one of the drains to ease up. Being diagnosed with breast cancer feels like living in a nightmare so I hope this makes you smile and sending love and strength to all you lovely ladies and men in your breast cancer journey :*<3 xxx  



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    I wasn’t sure that wasn’t your legs around Bella’s neck!  LOL

    All the best with your recovery and ongoing treatment xx
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    How wonderful to have such amazing support 🥰. Dogs and good partners are the best 😊. Good luck and wishing you a speedy recovery 🍀Xx
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    Our animals just know that being with us is what we need during this time :) how lovely.
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    @arpie - if only my legs looked that good! lol  :D Thanks for your kind wishes xxx

    @ FLClover  and @Locksley Thank you ladies for your kind messages and hope you are all doing well  <3 xxx
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    They are so shamelessly self indulgent.
    You're suddenly home all day? You bloody beauty! On the bed, eating rejected snacks, farting and licking the bits regularly then putting me chop lips on the person pillow while heaving deep sighs of satisfaction. What's not to love? 
    PS, chop lips requires more explanation than I have energy for, but some of you will be familiar with the high tide mark around a dogs mouth when they have been chewing bones. Mxx
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    Gotta love them Zonta pillows! <3   :D