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Hi I haven’t been on for a while been struggling a bit and wasn’t able to handle anything negative so avoided online I have had my 3rd taxol and so far have been really lucky with side effects I am asking for some ideas of what to eat I think I’m being to paranoid about what I can and can’t eat and am getting sick of Chicken Stir Fry and Spaghetti  Bolognaise does anybody have any good food ideas


  • Zoffiel
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    Chicken stir fry sounds like you are doing the right thing. Might be a bit repetitive over time, but compared to a steady diet of mashed spuds and cheese toasties (lived on that for far to long during my last treatment) you are doing better than I did.

    Eat well, mostly vegetables, not too much, is great advice, but not that easy when you feel poorly. If you are feeling OK, keep experimenting to see what agrees with you. Keep up with the fibre and fluids, watch the salt in your condiments and well done for getting through the first few treatments. mxx
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    I found turkey burgers/rissoles went down well during chemo. You can get them at supermarkets. Bit of chutney, some kaleslaw or whatever salad takes your fancy. Sometimes a friend used to make them for me with someone quinoa and carrot mixed in. K xox
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    I lost my taste buds on Taxol - only things that tasted as they should were salads, eggs, avocados and bananas! So I ate a lot of them.  Everything else tasted of nothing at all, just different textures. So enjoy what you are eating - vegetables and salads are good for you, some protein, fruit too. And if something not so healthy is occasionally appealing, go for it! Best wishes.