Yummy mushy foods- do they exist?

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Hi All, I’ve just finished my last round of dose dense AC and gearing up for next 4rounds of Taxol. I already have one Mouth ulcer that I just can’t budge, no amount of salt water, Kenalog  and dental hygiene is healing it. 
Does anyone have any yummy or at least strong tasting, foods / recipes that they have found are easier to eat with a mouth ulcer? Thanks in advance 😊😊


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    Tuna mornay. Basically tuna or salmon in cheese sauce. I add creamed corn. Serve with pasta or mashed potato.
    Mouth ulcers. Nothing worked for me either. I bought aloevera juice and swished it around my mouth three times a day. Worked for me. Purchase from Coles or woolies in health aisle.
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    @arpie This one is up your alley I think

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    Hi @Jovdp - so sorry to hear of your mouth ulcers.  :(  I hope it settles down soon.

    I used to work in a major hospital, preparing food for patients who’d had mouth surgery ... so needed liquid diets.  

    You can turn lots of meals into soft/mushy/liquid meals by putting them thru a food processor/blender/kitchen whizz.  The only down side is that if you mix everything up, you don’t get the specific flavours ... but if you whizz them separately and serve them on a plate, you do (but it takes longer to prepare!). I used to whizz up roast dinners (meat cut up into tiny bits and whizzed with roast veg using lots of gravy and mint sauce for lamb) or casseroles/curries (which usually have enough liquid in them.)  Obviously, drier meats (like steak) wouldn’t whizz up without being cut really small and added to a liquid base .... so casseroles or pie fillings would be the way to go.  Steak & Kidney!  YUM!

    Tinned fruits work really well, for a sweet alternative .... they usually have plenty of juice so whizz easily (you could even freeze them in an ice block mould to turn them into a yummy fruit ice block or paddle pop  - which may even help soothe the ulcer.). Tinned Peach and ‘Rice Cream’ is a delicious mix .... 

    Even a decent milkshake, using an egg, banana (or apple and peach) with vanilla and milk and all whizzed up is a pleasant, easy, healthy drink/meal replacement.  You can add custard or cream or ice cream to ‘value add’ o the flavours .... or add a bit of Baileys Irish Cream for a bit of decadence ;) 

    Be inventive .... what are your favourite meals?  Can you add some sort of liquid to whizz it up - or even partially process it so it is easier for you to eat?

    You could make up Bolognaise and whizz it to get rid of lumps .... you could deliberately overlook the pasta so it is really soft so easier to eat with it, if you don’t fancy whizzing it all up together.

    if you go for the more liquid foods - get a really wide straw (so you can suck it up past the ulcer, so it doesn’t aggravate it.   Big W has ‘jumbo’ paper straws or Bunnings or similar would have stainless steel jumbo straws that would be machine washable .... or get them online ..

    Good luck, all the best for the rest of your chemo xx

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    Hello @Jovdp, follow arpie's suggestions - I had severe (crater size) mouth ulcers a few years ago and no 'treatments' made any difference although rinsing with warm water and bi-carb soda eased the pain. I eventually figured out the all food had to be 'soup'. I also located some 'fat' drinking straws and used to position the straw towards the back of my throat - basically this meant I wasn't starving although I lost quite a few kilos. I've been on Herceptin and exemestane for almost ten years and I've decided the ulcers are a response to the 'stress', ie, immune system compromised. I hope this helps as mouth ulcers are an 'affliction', ie, **!!etc painful and debilitating.
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    @Blossom1961 thanks for the tip. Not a fan of tuna but the cheese sauce on and mashed potato sounds great. Have been using aloe which is making a bit of a difference. X
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    Thanks @arpie. Managing just to stay away from blended at the minute, just the thought of it turns my tummy. Milkshakes though are a good idea , least I can feel a little bit healthy by putting a banana in! Thanks x