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Post surgery breast irritation

ZilmacZilmac Member Posts: 4
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Hi all I am 2 years post survey and with all clear. Just asking if anyone else suffers from breast irritation post surgery- it was all good for the first years but now my breast gets hot constantly and sore at times  - bra (wirefree) gets taken off as I walk in the door from work and I struggle with having any fabric near my breast without it being irritated. Cold creams and cold wash help a bit but open to suggestions. Thanks 


  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,974
    I do. I had a DIEP and underneath the left foob, on the site of the drain and surgery scars, has been easily irritated and made sore by any bra (all wirefree) I wear. Unfortunately I have no answers. The best bra I've found so far is a Playtex Comfort Revolution. K xox
  • ZilmacZilmac Member Posts: 4
    Thanks  - it’s a bit frustrating but better than the alternative 😊
  • Dory65Dory65 Member Posts: 323
    I wonder if it's lymphedema of the breast. My surgery/radiotherapy treated breast became hot, pink and had hard ridges where the lymph wasn't draining. Had an ultrasound which also identified a seroma at the surgery site. It's improved since I massage it in the shower and then again with moisturiser.
  • ZilmacZilmac Member Posts: 4
    It doesn’t appear to be a draining issue- I think I may just be super sensitive to any fabric other than cotton- I’ve taken to lining my bras and underarm area with cotton cloth and that seems to have reduced the pain somewhat.  
  • StarGirlStarGirl Member Posts: 124
    I am 18 months post surgery (unreconstructed) and I have the same sensitivity. Any fabric or seams really irritate. In Winter I found wearing a seamless cotton or bamboo singlet UNDER my bra helped. I have found sports type bras which are more like a crop/tank sort of construction work best for me. I hope you find something which helps.
  • ZilmacZilmac Member Posts: 4
    Yes that sounds like me - I will try the singlet trick 👍
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