Skull Lesion

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Good evening lovelies...just an update on my skull lesion..I’ve seen the neurosurgeon and I had the option of having it monitored every 12 months or having it removed. I’ve chosen to have it removed..I don’t need another yearly Scanxiety...he doesn’t think it’s anything sinister...can they tell or it’s a remove and wait for pathology results? Has anyone gone through this? xx


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    Good on you @Hendrix - I can only imagine that if you had it sitting there for years, it would be counter productive to you enjoying your life!  All the best for the procedure & the results xx

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    @hendrix - is it something that is new or been there for a long time?  A friend of mine has one and she became panicked about it although it had been there for years and the growth was minimal.  She has gone through a radiation course and now on 12 month monitoring.

    By the sound of your post having it out will give you peace of mind.  Good luck with surgery and here's to a speedy recovery
    Take care
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    @iserbrown they don’t know the surgeon said I may have been born with it or might be from a knock on the head and won’t know what when or why until is cut out