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Friday update 22 May 2020

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to our Friday update and a warm welcome to all of our new members who have joined us over the last few weeks.  We hope you are settling in and finding your way around. 

You may like to view the Community Info tab  where you will find our 'Community Guidelines' and information on 'Navigating the Online Community'.  Happy reading and posting.

National Volunteer Week

A massive thank you to all of the amazing BCNA volunteers!  Thank you for all that you do, it is very much appreciated! 

We have volunteers working across a variety of different programs at BCNA including our online community. 

It is with your support that we are able to ensure that the voices of those affected by breast cancer are heard and that everyone continues to receive the very best care, treatment and support.

Happy National Volunteers Week from everyone at BCNA  <3  Click on link below

 A message from Raelene Boyle

Community Highlights

Each week we have lots of different discussions take place in the online network. Here are some conversations that you may have missed during the last fortnight.

 1. Newly diagnosed triple negative treatment 

Thread commenced by @Mishcat who was recently diagnosed and is doing ‘mind miles in her head!’  We hope you are feeling better and wish you well with your treatment  :)

 2. To port or not to port

Thread commenced by @Jovdp we hope you are doing well with your new port  :)


3. 9 years clear after a second triple negative diagnosis

Congratulations @mum2jj, I hope you were able to celebrate with family and loved ones!

Community News

Living well with metastatic breast cancer Webcast aired live 20 May 2020

This webcast is facilitated by Vicki Durston, Director of Advocacy and Policy, BCNA and includes Michelle White, Medical Oncologist, Gill Kruss, Metastatic breast cancer nurse practitioner and Katrina who is living with metastatic breast cancer.

If you missed the webcast you can View on demandIf you have already registered for the webcast, enter your registered email address to view the recording.  If you have not registered, you will need to do so prior to viewing the recording.


New podcast - Raelene Boyle on pulling herself out of the darkness.

In this episode, Upfront sits down with Australian Olympic legend and BCNA board member Raelene Boyle AM, MBE. 

Speaking openly and honestly about her cancer journey, Raelene discusses the mental impact of her breast cancer diagnosis, the experience of survivor guilt, how the darkness can still overwhelm her and the strategies she’s developed over the years to pull herself out of it.

Click here to listen to this latest podcast or to read the transcript.


New Podcast - Invasive Lobular Carcinoma

In this episode, Kellie Curtain is joined by BCNA board member, surgical oncologist and specialist breast surgeon Professor Bruce Mann to help break down all of the information around invasive lobular carcinoma.

This episode covers:

·         What invasive lobular carcinoma is

·         Detection of invasive lobular carcinoma, often in the absence of a lump

·         How invasive lobular carcinoma is diagnosed

·         The role of artificial intelligence and computer algorithms in diagnosis

·         Treatment of invasive lobular carcinoma

Click here to listen to this latest podcast or to read the transcript.


My Journey Online Tool

See our new updated page regarding COVID-19 in the My Journey Online Tool.


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This week’s reflective quote

Enjoy your weekend and stay warm!

The mod team

Giovanna, Riki, Laura, Michelle, Rosie & Pat 



  • ChezaHChezaH Gold Coast Member Posts: 83
    Thank you I have just read the Raelene Boyle on pulling herself out of the darkness, very informative

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