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Could it be Lymphoedema

StewieStewie Member Posts: 2
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Over the past month I’ve had pain on the left rib cage near where I had a lumpectomy with sentinel node biopsy and radiology treatment. There doesn’t appear to be any swelling but it hurts when in inhale but not exhale. It’s probably just muscular but It really hurts when I sneeze. I’ve had a chest X-ray and all clear and they’ve checked my blood in case it was a clot 


  • Shellshocked2018_Shellshocked2018_ Fleurieu Peninsula , SAMember Posts: 283
    Hi Stewie, I would speak to your breast care nurse, they may be able to make a recommendation. Maybe a visit to a physiotherapist who specialises in Lymphoedema, they can advise you if you do have Lymphoedema, and if so what is the best treatment for you.
  • AbbydogAbbydog Adelaide, South AustraliaMember Posts: 315
    I was told that I had cording, by my Breast Surgeon.  Which felt like a pulling sensation up and down through my chest. Maybe similar or not.
    Yes talk to a breast care nurse and /or get a second opinion.
    Good luck

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