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Hello everyone,

Many of you have already heard of 'Gather my Crew'.  They are an Australian based charity that are passionate about changing the way people ask for, offer and accept help.  They have some great tips about gathering your crew and coordinating friends and family to help especially if you are self isolating at home.



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    Need something like this for ideas
    last time i gathered the crew I threatened to throw their stuff in the skip 
    hated doing it that way but it worked one of my assertive moments they don't happen often enough 
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    By the way i had never heard of this before 
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    I've just read up on this & I really feel that it is a good way of organising family & friends who 'want to help' but don't want to PUSH themselves onto you ..... not only during Covid - but for anyone  needing support during their BC battle

    The original post (re covid) is no longer available - so if @Mez_BCNA - could you please edit the website on Giovanna's post to:

    Watch 'how it works' here:

    SO is totally private - you invite those of your family & friends who have indicated they are supportive of your own battle - and a roster is organised and those who can, choose the slots that suit them - it is up to them to lock themselves in!

    It can be a friend or relative or the carer .... or even the person with cancer who can 'initiate it' ..... they organise some sort of roster where family & friends can make themselves available (as able) to 'do stuff' that needs to be done.

    Check it out - it may well make all the difference to you managing this whole journey 'in tact' ....

    take care xx

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    I used a roster for my husband during his life’s  end journey. It worked  fantastic. So when it turned out i was on the BC roundabout the roster came out again diring treatment. 
    Im feeling with the mets and all the appointments I’m now having i might have to set up a roster again. Getting the impression that some of my loved ones are feeling left out as #1 child has taken over. 
    It is fantastic to be so loved. 

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    Done for you @arpie :) Thanks for the update.