Post mastectomy pain

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So it’s 12 days since my double mastectomy. Drains came out yesterday which was a huge relief. I was blaming them on the incredible discomfort. However, not much has improved. The drain hole sites are still very sore and the top of my rib cage and chest area. I told the visiting nurses and they said it’ll probably be uncomfortable for a while. UNCOMFORTABLE!!! I’m munching panadols like Smarties! When does it start to ease up abit girls? 


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    Hi @Winetime
    Do you have a breast care nurse?
    Otherwise a call to the surgeons office. 
    Did they give you an indication of what to expect?  
    Personally I didn't suffer pain like you are experiencing however we are all different in how our bodies react. 
    Nerves have been upset as well as the lymphatic system that needs to find new pathways. These are the areas that took time to settle for me.
    It's major surgery however if panadol doesn't cut it then perhaps make contact.
    Best wishes and take care

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    I had bilateral mastectomies last month, the most uncomfortable and annoying thing were the drains.  I did not have much pain just discomfort.  I think the surgeon would be the best person to contact.  My surgeon sometimes asks me to send pictures of the area and then calls me to advise if anything needs follow up.  It may be just normal healing but I would definitely check with the surgeon or BC Nurse.
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    Panadol munching isn't a great plan for any more than a couple of days. If they aren't working, you should ask for a review to assess the site and your meds. That can probably be done over the phone with a bit of imagination. It's a time for innovation.
    The old adage 'Everyone is different' couldn't be more true when it comes to mastectomy. There are a gazillion variants, but I'd be checking in to see if there is an underlying reason for the pain. I discovered I was an Olympic grade fluid producer, even after the drains came out. It was really uncomfortable, and required a few interventions. And better pain meds. Mxx
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    Doctors are doing video links via zoom for people who can use computers. I had an appointment that way yesterday after 1st of all turning up to outpatients as they hadn’t told me not too. 
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    Just wondering how you are managing!  Hope the pain has settled for you.
    Take care