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It pays to get a second opinion

Pumpkin59Pumpkin59 Member Posts: 16
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My male surgeon recommended a mastectomy and that I should consider a double mastectomy and DIEP as the fat they don’t use gets thrown into the bin!  He was not open to looking at other options. However he did refer me to his colleague a plastic surgeon and my out of pocket expenses would be $10k-$20! I found an amazing female surgeon and had surgery 3 weeks ago. She performed another wide excision and mammoplasty. Dr Eva Nagy North Shore Private has done a fantastic job. My pathology came back as cancer free too. So not only do I still have both my breasts I have my $20k as well. So very happy. I had an all female crew and they were upbeat, positive and professional. I received exceptional care. These woman are gifted and amazing  Just putting out there ladies that there are options for us 


  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 6,121
    That’s terrific @Pumpkin59 ... it is SO IMPORTANT to have faith in your team.

    My Husband had his stomach cancer surgery there and we were very happy with his team and the whole hospital team.  They were just brilliant. 

    I hope you are are recovering well ... make haste slowly xx
  • PV123PV123 Member Posts: 202
    That is a great outcome for you @Pumpkin59, it certainly pays to get a second opinion.  What reason did the male surgeon give for suggesting bilateral mastectomy?
  • Pumpkin59Pumpkin59 Member Posts: 16
    Hi PV123 I had clear margins and clear lymph nodes but I had LVI which is a very grey area. My new surgeon also trained in the UK and LVI does not warrant automatic mastectomy in the UK  He suggested I have a double mastectomy and DIEP reconstruction to use the fat from my tummy as what they don’t use goes into the bin,so may as well make use if it! He also told me I would lose my nipple and would have to come back to have a nipple tattooed on. LVI have completely gone and I still have my nipple and my own breasts and cancer free so I am so very very happy 

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