Another step in the right direction!

Michele B
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Yay!! My final.visit to breast surgeon today. After 5 and a half years on hormone therapy, given only a small met to one node  and osteoporosis in spine, she says she is happy for me to stop taking tablets!
Now to see if some aches and pains go away. 
One more visit t o oncologist in September and fingers crossed, thats it!
Best wishes to everyone, no matter what stage of the journey you are at.
I remember thinking I would never reach this stage. Onward and upwards!


  • iserbrown
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  • Giovanna_BCNA
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    Hello @Michele B that is fantastic news, what a huge relief to finally finish your treatment!  Enjoy your long weekend!
  • Afraser
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    Good for you! My oncologist wants me to stay on longer - no aches and pains but I’m watching the bone thinning with eagle eyes. Next check will help me decide if 7 years is enough! Celebrate! 
  • arpie
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    How wonderful for you!!  YAY!!  Enjoy your special weekend!  xx
  • Michele B
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    Thankyou everyone,  a small glass of bubbly to celebrate. So grateful to have made it this far xx
  • Nefertari
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    @Michele B   that is great news, well done. <3
  • Michele B
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    Thanks @Nefertari, Im pretty damned happy xx
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    That is great news.  Congratulations to you, have a great weekend.
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    GO Michele!  :)  <3  :* K xox
  • Michele B
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    Thanks girls, so grateful xx