where is the partners section

I'm looking for some support and connection with partners of people with BC. Where to go? This website not easy to navigate and find someone to talk to. Its supposed to be a 24/7 contact space but where for partners?
We live this awful existence too, our lives put on hold too, our anxieties and fears too.


  • kmakm
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    Scroll down and under 'Categories' you'll find 'Supporting someone with breast cancer'.

  • primek
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    We have had a number of partners or mothers on here. People ask away and the women and men here provide the support. This is an online community but there is no specific group for partners.
  • arpie
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    Hi @Bridget1

    Most partners/parents/children of those with BC just whack their questions up with a relevant heading and those with knowledge in that area will jump on & and supply support & a reply.  Others may jump on & add comments purely as support, even if they've not had experience in that area.

    Has your partner considered joining herself (or is she already a member?)

    There is also a Facebook page you and your partner may care to join for more specific support: 

    All the best xx
  • strongtogether
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    Hi @Bridget1
    Sorry that you find yourselves in this situation. I have found this community a great help, there are plenty of people willing and eager to share their knowledge and experience with you. 
    If you have anything specific- or just need a general rant, go right ahead and ask.