What Happens When You come off Herceptin ?

Hi I am 52 and have just finished my year of treatment. I had 6 rounds of chemo, lumpectomy,sentinel node removal, radiotherapy and 18 Herceptin infusions. My periods stopped at start of treatment and I've had no hot flushes etc. Now I have stopped hormone treatments will things change? Will I get menopause symptoms? Will I feel any different?


  • Blossom1961
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    Hi @DebsSA Unfortunately no one knows. I did chemo with a 34year old that was sent into menopause with hot flushes and it continues over a year later after treatment. I also did treatment with a 30yr old who they couldn’t manage to turn off her ovaries and are still trying a year later. I am 58yrs, was peri menopausal before treatment, was thrown into menopause with hot flushes and may or may not go back to pre menopausal. A lot of people don’t get hot flushes with menopause so it is a case by case scenario.
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    I may have misunderstood but were you on HRT prior treatment?

    Are you on an aramatose inhibitor like letrozole or on tamoxifen? The oral tablets continue for 5 to 10 years if you had an estrogen positive cancer also. They normally do blood tests to ensure in menopause before deciding which medication to go on. This usually is started after chemo finishes but herceptin continues.
    After herceptin you will just find your energy will return. It still takes some time.

    You may remain in menopause you may not. I only have not flushes occasionally now. I was just into menopause at time of diagnosis.

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    Hi thanks for your reply. I wasn’t on HRT and I’m not taking inhibitors. I guess it’s wait and see. I am looking forward to a return of energy. I have 6 weeks off now as work in education then start a job in January. Have a good Christmas.x

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    Hi @DebsSA! Just read your post and like you I have herceptin as part of my treatment. Herceptin is actually a form of immunotherapy not a hormone therapy so works differently. There are so many terms and treatments to learn about on this BC merry go round it makes my head spin trying to stay on top of them all. I am a tad jealous that you have finished and I have months to go! Have a lovely Christmas and a happy infusion free 2020! 😘
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    Thanks for your reply Kamada for your response. Hope you had a good Christmas and you don’t have too many more months to go. It’s 4 weeks now since my last infusion and I’ve not noticed any great changes yet. X