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Just touching base :)

Gears0715Gears0715 BrisbaneMember Posts: 9
Hi lovelies
I've just got back home from surgery last Thursday :). On the pre-op scans they found a 2nd mass which had been "overshadowed" by the main mass on previous checks, so that's been taken away as well. 
Lumpectomy (with the 2 masses) & full axillary lymph clearance (lymphs were already proven as malignant in the initial biopsies) & I must say that the surgical team did a very lovely job with the lumpectomy :)
I have the surgical follow up appointment next Friday (before people start their Xmas breaks) & the 1st MDT meeting after Xmas will be 7th January.
So it's a quick trip down to Tassie on New Years day to see our daughter. The poor thing only just moved to Tasmania & 2 weeks later I rang her to say "It's all okay, BUT Dad's just had a Heart attack!" & then 2 weeks after that I rang her again to say "It's all okay, BUT I've got Breast Cancer!"... I figure we'd better see her just to prove that we really ARE both okay before we start getting organised for the next steps, with Chemo starting sometime in January :)

Happy holidays to all everyone. <3


  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 6,121
    All the best for your first check up & pathology.  Enjoy Tassie - I want to go back too! 

    OMG - your daughter will be dreading your phone calls!  Sounds like you have a wicked sense of humour - all of which helps get thru this shitty quagmire!  Stay safe down there!

    Enjoy your 'downtime' - happy holidays!!  xx
  • NefertariNefertari Member Posts: 288
    Hello and welcome to the forum, good luck with your treatment.  It is a good idea to visit your daughter and prove you are both okay :) I love Tassie, so have a lovely holiday!
    We have had a pretty intense year too, when we call each other now we say "hello, don't worry we are all okay".  Sad but true.  We are all plodding on with life and really looking forward to Christmas and family time this year.
  • Anne65Anne65 Member Posts: 405
    @Gears0715 Welcome aboard & lovely to read that you have had your surgery & are happy with the result. I had a lumpectomy & you can hardly even see the scar. I had my 2 yr mammo last week & the lady couldnt even see where I had the surgery! Good luck with your followup & ask all the questions you have before everyone goes on holidays! Enjoy the holiday break & i agree with those above, spend as much time as you can with your daughter in Tassie. What a beautiful part of the world & she will be so excited to see you. A great way to start the New Year. Love & hugs to you. xx
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