Lymphedema - working with keyboard and mouse

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Been awhile since I have been here but looking for some advice. I was diagnosed with Lymphedema in my hand and lower arm 13 months after breast  and auxiliary clearance due to the cancer spreading to the nodes. 

The last 12 months I have been using compression garments, massage the area regularly and have a lymphatic massage every 3 weeks to help reduce it and keep it soft. But am having problems with it not being stable and goes up and down quite a bit. But not as bad as when I was first diagnosed.

i work full time( supposed to be only part time but you know what it’s like) and use a mouse and keyboard heavily and unless I win lotto I have another 20 years or work still to go

I am doing a stint of bandaging at the moment and will be getting a custom sleeve and glove to see if that helps at all

 Is anyone else in a similar situation with work, did you notice if keyboard and mouse usage made it worse, any tips to help flares up, etc would be really appreciated


  • Afraser
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    Hi @Gizmo

    I’ve been using a computer almost daily for over six years with lymphoedema, and haven’t noticed any adverse effects. However my affected arm is not my mouse arm. I have found a custom sleeve and hand very effective, I hope it proves to be for you too. Best wishes. 
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    Hi Gizmo,
     A custom sleeve will be much better than the OSFA ones. It will help. You can also get a lymphodema specialist massage. It's not cheap but it's worth it.