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Now here is a random question. What type of nighties/sleepwear/clothing should I be buying myself for post mastectomy op weeks? We will be in the midst of a hot summer, I know there will be drains etc. Any suggestions that might minimize dressing and clothing issues?


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    I wore a loose top that buttoned up at the front.
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    Hi there @KayB55. Front opening nighties with somewhat wide armholes are good. The pull over your head type would be difficult to lift your arms up and also the drains have either to come up then out the neck or down your body and out the hem of the nighty. Buttons all the way down or at least right down the bodice means the drain tubes can sneak out between the buttons.Remember to get slippers that are easily put on and that don't need you to use your finger to do so. Also they must be non slip. I took a light weight pashmina type shawl to wear over my shoulders at mealtimes as the hospital air con can be quite cold, especially if your bed is near the vent. I'm sure others will add to your list. Good luck with your surgery.

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    Brilliant advice, many thanks. Op is not til December (after chemo) but if I feel I am getting prepared it helps.
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    A very light dressing gown or robe with large pockets is useful for putting drains in (the pockets!) for moving around without tripping over the things. Best wishes for your op. 

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    Rather than buy something I was probably never going to wear again I just went to the op shop and bought a couple of soft button up the front tops and a light wrap around dressing gown with pockets.

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    I found a really soft button up pj top at Kmart which worked well for drains and for the medicos to check the wounds and some loose pj pants.  I also took a light robe as the hospital I was in had a garden which was much nicer to walk around than the corridors.  It's a good idea to take a shawl or wrap if you have one as hospital air-conditioning can be chilly so something to throw over your shoulders helps.  Other things I took were my favourite teabags, soft drink for when I got sick of cordial, and face wipes because my face always felt greasy.
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    Yep - front opening nighties etc are the best .... 

    As @Sister says - take the shawl or wrap with you to hospital to add layers to your warmth as the aircon can get fairly cold too.  Also take some light reading matter, some 'treats' (like mints or similar) and also ear plugs & eye masks (like they give you on Airplanes!)  Hospitals are incredibly bright & noisy places!

    I also found that Short stories (like magazines/Readers Digest/puzzles etc) are better than serious books etc ..... as nursing staff are popping in & out every few hours to annoy you!!

    All the best  xx