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Hi All,

This is my first time posting.
I was one of those that coped better trying to forget about breast cancer.
I had a breast removed, chemo, radiation and currently in my 6th year of Tamoxifen. (It was originally prescribed for 5 years then almost flippantly my surgeon said lets make it 10 years).
Tamoxifen has completely eradicated my sex drive although when I do get going I really enjoy it, but, enjoyable as it is I never orgasm.
I guess my questions are, has anybody been on Tamoxifen for a long period and then finished? Does your sex drive and more importantly do orgasms go back to normal?


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    Hi @Delbel,

    Welcome lovely.  It's a very depressing part of the whole chemo menopause, hormone therapy shebang.  I jump off tamoxifen regularly.  At the beginning the libido returned quite quickly when I stopped it but it is taking longer each time I have a break.  Not sure of your menopausal status but this can have a lot to do with it as well.  Maybe one of our other lovely ladies that has finished the Tamoxifen might jump on with more info for you.
    Believe me when I say i soooooooooo  hope it comes back with a bang for both of us!  Pardon the pun LOL
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    Hi Kez. thank you so much for your response.
    Hopefully there are others that were in the same boat and escaped to something approaching normal, whatever that is lol.
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    OMG, this resonates with me. I took Tamoxifen for 5 years when I was diagnosed 11 years ago which put me into menopause, destroyed my libido, etc etc. Two years ago I went to a gynaecologist who said that I was typical of someone who’d gone through menopause and tamoxifen, sore, itchy, painful, etc. Last year I had my boob off and now on Tamoxifen again for 5 years 😫 .. my wonderful husband is so patient and caring and we manage but we’ll never have ‘normal’ ‘sex’ again. Try using Sylk and lots of foreplay, I found that helps .. good luck! 
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    Thanks for taking the time to comment.
    Again its one of those times when liking your comment doesn't seem appropriate to your situation.
    Hope things improve for you and end well.
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