Life after active treatment- books?

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Hi ladies,
My Radiotherapy is now complete and I started on Tamoxifen a couple of weeks ago. Back to work and trying to get back to a ‘normal’ life, everything feels different, looks different. The prospect of losing everything has changed everything. 
Wondering if anyone has read any good books on the topic? Or online resources? I’ve seen the fact sheet on BCNA.
thank you!



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    Some aspects of this can be good! Some a bit disturbing. Whenever I leave a cinema, for an hour or so I see everything as if it was on the big screen. It’s powerful. You see things you haven’t seen before. If you can accept the new way of feeling as a potential benefit, and not be too upset by the old normal changing, it can colour your world wonderfully differently. Best wishes. 
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    Is this a good read @kmackm
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    @Caz1 Yes. The author is highly regarded, is a huge expert and has a lovely manner. She's on the radio here regularly. The book is calm, authoritative and full of common sense. K xox
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    For me the best thing was to share with others on the blog and joining a local breast cancer group for a while - it helped ease me back into life and gave me shelter when a roadblock occurred along the way.It helped with the aloneness I felt after treatment ended.Seeing members of the local group out and about in my community doing shopping or having coffee was reassuring that my life would go on.The blog shared information, provided support when I needed it and I knew someone was online  24/7 whenever doubts crept in.
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    @kmakm, @Caz1, I haven't read this book, but I've read a lot of the articles that she's written for the Guardian.  She's just so caring, and sensible 
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    @lrb_03 Isn't she? I always stay tuned when she's on.
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    Ok, gals  you've convinced me.  Will keep in mind. .  Even tho it's a looooong way away on my horizon.
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    @Caz1 She writes about having a survivorship plan. I wish I'd read it earlier. Go for it. K xox
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    @kmakm, I don't think that I've heard her speak, much. I'm not Melbourne based. What station do you hear her on?
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    @lrb_03 She's on ABC Radio Melbourne, and often co-hosts The Conversation Hour with Jon Faine. They go up as podcasts. If you get the ABC Listen app you should be able to find them. K xox
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    @Caz1, there's an Australian book, by Dr John Boyages, called Breast Cancer,  Taking Control. I found it a little Americanised, but great information & set out really well, with different questions to ask on different subjects. Might be worth you looking for??
    Or Susan Love, The Breast Book...or something like that.
    Or there's a newish British book by Liz O'Riordon, a Breast Surgeon who had breast cancer. She also has a great blog, though doesn't write on it often these days
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    Thanks @kmakm. That's what I was hoping. I gave the app on my phone
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    @kmakm thank you. A lot of difficult feelings this week due to 3 monthly follow up at the hospital cancer clinic - just being in that place gives me conniptions! Have downloaded the book on Kindle $3.99
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    @Vangirl IKR? I'm OK when I get into my BS's office but sitting in the waiting room and hearing his voice through the door makes me feel sick.
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