Back from the outback and scan day tomorrow.

Hi everybody.

 I have been AWOL for a bit and I do hope everyone is going along ok with whatever stage of the rollercoaster you're dealing with.

My "say yes to all invitations without thinking" policy has had me trekking all over the place.  Some of you may know my not so fondness for camping, nor road trips, but I had already commited and I wasn't going to let the team down.  So I sucked it up and didn't complain about the lack of facilities. (mind you I did grumble to myself a bit and paid $5 for showers.....a lot).

Well guess what? I had a fantastic time, from a drink at the Birdsville pub to watching the horses thunder down the dusty racetrack in 37 degrees to camping in the middle of bloody nowhere (read that as freaking Wolf Creek style) to the stockmans hall of fame. I saw wild Emu's racing accross the plains, watched some Brolgas dancing and ran barefoot across the top of Big Red sand dune in the Simpson. And oh my goodness, the sunrises, sunsets and stars are just stunning.  

This is one big, beautiful country we live in I was just blown away day after day.  So so gorgeous.
Survivorship high?  Absolutely.  I probably would never have committed to that before. 

Any hoo, scan day is tomorrow so blah, grumble and curse words. Hopefully no birthday cake this time for those of you who remember my interesting time last year LOL
Surprisingly it's just started to rain a little here and that beautiful smell of rain hitting the dry dusty ground is wafting through the window, it's been such a long time.  Must be a good omen right?

Love to all


  • iserbrown
    iserbrown Member Posts: 5,565
    Oh that's my kind of holiday! It's been some time so we hit the tracks and look forward so much!
    So pleased to read your delight!
    Best wishes for scan day
    Take care and hopefully those raindrops will add up to making a difference
  • Annie C
    Annie C Member Posts: 850
    Next camping holiday I do hope that you make it up my way. I can promise you no Wolf Creek camping style,  but a nice piece of backyard grass under the mahogany trees,  a  hose from the pump house and an extra long extension cord plugged into said pumphouse power point. And I don't charge for showers, however hmm.........

    Had the lovely Carmel S from Canberra drop in at the end of August.  Had a fantastic time with Carmel, her husband and their friends.

    I send you all good warm Kimberley wishes for scan day tomorrow. 

  • Sister
    Sister Member Posts: 4,960
    What a fantastic trip that must have been @kezmusc
  • arpie
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    WOOHOO! Sounds brilliant @kezmusc!!   Well done! How long were you away?  There you go - you never know what you will actually enjoy, until you try it!   ;)  Do you have any pics to share?  LOVE to see them!

    All the best for your scans tomorrow!  I can feel it in my waters - you'll be fine!  xx    I have mine in 4 weeks too - 2 years since discovery.

    Yes, we've had a bit of rain today too - so  keen to get a bit more, but nice & light - not all at once, hopefully!

    Take care xxx
  • Afraser
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    Sounds like a lot of fun, best wishes for your scan, be nice to have that over!
  • Zoffiel
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     The sound (and smell) of rain falling on dusty paddocks is the best omen ever. Unless it heralds a bloody flood...

    Never mind me, I'll just move right along now. :) Mxx
  • Sister
    Sister Member Posts: 4,960
    Thinking of you today @kezmusc
  • jennyss
    jennyss Member Posts: 1,973
    Dear @kezmusc, What a trip. Thanks for the description - the stars and sunsets and sunrises!
  • kmakm
    kmakm Member Posts: 7,974
    A beautiful post to read. I'm so glad you experienced all that. Take some deep breaths today. Get through it as best as you can. We're with you lovely @kezmusc. K xox
  • kitkatb
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    Cross fingers and toes for you @kezmusc I can't believe it has gone so quickly since your last scans. ( I only remember because of the birthday cake incident )   Glad you enjoyed your trip inland it sure is a beautiful country we have. Hope you manage to chill until your results.  xo
  • tigerbeth
    tigerbeth Member Posts: 539
    @kezmusc what a wonderful trip ! Glad you had a great time . Makes me want to take off to the outback (not camping ) !!

    Fingers crossed for those blasted results xxx
  • primek
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    Wonderful trip. I am so lucky that I get see so many of that beautiful side if Australia every day.