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Male Breast Cancer

PeterBPeterB Member Posts: 65
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Our Group in Queensland, just had a requested discussion with the Arana Hills Men’s Shed on Friday. Advised the meeting went over very well. Lots of question asked by the attendees.
Thanks to Helen Rayner, George Moros and Doctor Jim for being our front people in Qld.
Please make contact with the Men’s Breast Cancer Forum if uou need further info.


  • Blossom1961Blossom1961 Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 2,012
    I have recommended someone I know to join the men’s BC site. He found his BC early but the Drs pushed aside his concerns. By the time they decided to test him, the cancer had metastasised. He does not have any cancer specific support. However, you cannot make people do something.
  • PeterBPeterB Member Posts: 65
    I believe that we are not looking for change, but more inclusion. It would be nice to see BCNA supporting MBCF. Not financially, but recommending our group.
  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 6,357
    Facebook reported on a guy from country NSW being diagnosed with Mets - I put a reply, recommending him to join BCNA to have support & be able to chat with  you guys here.
  • PeterBPeterB Member Posts: 65
    Tell him to look up The Men’s Breast Cancer Forum on FACEBOOK.

  • strongtogetherstrongtogether BrisbaneMember Posts: 163
    Hi Peter
    Are there any other things planned apart from the Arana Hills mens shes? When is that scheduled for?
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