Anyone ever get sick of being their own science experiment?????

I really get the shits with overthinking every so often.    Things that "before" you would never have thought twice about doing, eating or cleaning your house with now make you second guess a lot of things.  Obviously I am not the only one considering the amount of conversations that go on here regarding the do's, don'ts and what can we change that might help to stop it coming back.  Looking for answers on what we did to bring it on.  Self blame and guilt is still rampant no matter how much it shouldn't be.

BC is not your fault.  That fucker broke in you didn't invite it in by living a normal life like millions of other people do.

I don't think anything I did brought it on, nor do I seriously think that anything I eat, drink or do will have much of a bearing on whether or not it reappears. I am a believer of dodgy genes, mutant cells,bad luck and not everything was nuked if it comes back. Will the tablets work? Maybe they will, maybe they wont. "May the odds be forever in your favour"

Mostly I ignore the over analysing thoughts, but every so often they creep in uninvited. I conduct clinical trials on myself to see if things help with side effects.  Should I be doing that, I really have no knowledge of what interferes with what apart from what I can google which can have 10 different answers to the same question.

I had a I take vitamin C or not? Should I take any kind of vitamins or supplements.  How the heck would I know.  My levels are good so what is the point.

Don't eat this, don't drink this, don't rub that on. Will that interfere with the drugs?  OMG I drank a bottle of wine, that shits definitely coming back now.

Eat soy, don't eat soy, not that I really care about soy, quite frankly I think it tastes like crap but you know.

Sweet potato is good for you, sweet potato is high in oestrogen, best not. Nuts are good for you, nope not today. Kale (gross) celery alfalfa, tofu, olives, olive oil, red wine.  Great for your heart, nope, high in oestrogen. Eat meat, don't eat meat, don't dare grill it if you do. Flax seed and tumeric is awesome, uh oh, no not for you it isn't, too many phytoestrogens. Oh but hang on, in normal people they might help prevent cancer. Freaking strawberries and peaches are on the no no list.

The list is endless, confusing and mostly without any kind of definitive answers.  Might, maybe, could do, possibly, we don't know. Pick any subject or food and you will find people raving about how fantastic it is and on another page how it gave you cancer. 

Don't you drink that chamomile tea and don't you even think about smelling that fucking lavender :)

Blah. Ok I'm done.

Hugs to all.



  • iserbrown
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  • iserbrown
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    Reading this post reminds me of a song called "Sign sign everywhere a sign" it's by the 5 Man Electrical Band

  • Kiwi Angel
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    It does your head in If u overthink it too much. Like u I’m more a believer in genes and getting this shit is just bad luck. I try to love the life that makes me happy but so it in moderation.  Big hugs gorgeous xoxo 
  • primek
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    So agree.
    I've just think eat and drink all foods, mostly plant based...just not too much...and keep my alcohol down to no more than 4 per week or less and usually red wine.
  • Afraser
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    We can all overthink things - cancer can make us suspicious and wary. I think it was @kezmusc who once said that we all want more time but then spend too much of it worrying and fretting. I think I simplified a more complex comment but you get the drift. As far as is possible, the purpose of life is to be happy and make others happy. 
  • TonyaM
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    I think it’s just some sort of genetic predisposition and then it’s random bad luck. Just enjoy yourself and your food. Eat the cake and the chocolate I say.Just don’t go overboard that it causes some other health problem.Sorry to hear your story Kattykit- that just sucks that you did all you could and the damn thing came back.I hope you are going ok- sending hugs to WA.
  • Kattykit
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    I can't complain, I'm feeling well, apart from what a lot of us go through with letrozole, feeeling like a 90yr old til I get moving in the morning, stable at the moment, there are lots worse off than me.