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Good evening ladies, it has been sometime since I have felt that I could talk, I have previously talked about the problems I have experienced since having bilateral mastectomy with TUG flap reconstruction, I did take on board all the help and suggestions given by you all. I am still experiencing leg numbness and nerve pain, but my GP has helped me with meds. I have completed chemo and almost thru radiation, next is fat grafting surgery to complete the reconstruction, I was interested to hear from anyone that has had fat grafting taken from the upper legs and what I should expect. I am quite terrified given I have had so many issues in the past. Kindest Regards Cafrini60 


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    @melclarity i don't think had from legs but has had fat grafting.
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    @Cafrini60 I was wondering if you've joined the Breast Reconstruction Group if not here's the link


    I think there would be some help with experience in the Group. I didn't have fat grafting but rather they did liposuction of the hips and torso as part of the Diep Flap reconstruction. 

    I'm sure theres more experience in the group and highly recommend you popping over, plus it's a private Group and the Forum is public. Hugs M x
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    Thank you beautiful ladies for taking the time to answer my question, I’m not a member of the Reconstruction Group I will go to that address and join. Thank you kindest regards Cafrini60 
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    Hi @Cafrini60. I had fat grafting in early March with fat taken from inner and outer thighs and flanks. There is some pain involved that goes on for a while, but endone on the first day and paracetamol for two weeks afterwards controlled it really well for the initial period. The bruising was epic. The surgeon said the first 48 hours would like being beaten up - so now I know what that’s like!

    Wearing compression shorts is really important to control swelling and stabilise everything for healing. Honestly, this was the hardest part for me and I managed it full-time for three weeks and did the second three weeks part-time.

    The reassuring thing about this procedure is that it’s mininally invasive and the scarring is virtually invisible, which is why I chose it as my sole recon approach.

    My new little breasts have shrunk quite a bit due to fat reabsorption and I’ve got at least one more round to go, but it’s been a great experience so far and I’m looking forward to the next op!

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    Hi @Cafrini60, I answered your question in the reconstruction group.  Did you just join today?  I didn't see your  request. Actually forget that, just checked and you had already joined a while ago.  I just wanted to point our that the terms fat grafting and liposuction and transfer are the same thing, so what @melclarity had is the same as what myself and @Dogstar had.  
    Take Care
    Paula xx 

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    Thank you Dogstar and Paula for answering my question. I do expect that there would be a certain amount of discomfort I just worry that the pins and needles and nerve pain I still have from the original surgery’s with be exasperated. It helps knowing that the outcome was positive for you Dogstar, I’m really happy for you. This breast cancer caper is just so consuming, so many decisions :(  thank you again x Cafrini60 
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