sudden pain

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had a lumpectomy last november, finished chemo - though still having 3 weekly Herceptin - finished radiotherapy 6 weeks ago and have been on Arimidex for a month.  No problems and suddenly quite a bit of pain as the site of the lumpectomy.  Is this normal?  Should I call oncologist?  Doesn't hurt as I move around and do stuff - but extremely sensitve to touch.


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    Hi @kappers it's always worth getting these things checked out. Maybe give your breast care nurse a call? Depending on who is now coordinating your care, you could also see your GP or surgeon--which ever is more accessible. Mxx
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    Welcome to the Forum, @kappers - and I am so sorry to hear you are in pain.  Yep, definitely get it checked out - I reckon your BC Nurse first (if you have one,) and just contact your surgeon's office as well.   Your GP would probably refer you back to them anyway.  Your referral should still be valid - tho check, as sometimes the initial referral for specialists is just 3 months.

    You should also be seeing one of your specialists (surgeon, Onc & Rad Onc) every 3-4 months in this first couple of years post op - so you will never be 'long' between appointments.

    All the best - I hope it settles down soon  Take care  xx