Seems the healthiest thing I do in my day is pee!

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I met up with a friend that I hadn’t seen
in a number of years.  When I first met
her, she was a good time party girl from London.

We had a chat about what had been happening over the years.
During this conversation I disclosed the BC saga (bad move) which surprisingly triggered  a somewhat disapproving look after I mentioned
the treatment that I had been through and "perhaps a lifestyle change would have
been better than toxic drugs and radiation". WTF.  Really? 

Somewhere along the way she had turned into Mrs Natural
everything, grow your own food, gym junkie, rub some kale on it whilst singing Kumbaya earth mother and proceded to give me a lecture on  sustainable natural living, organics, getting in touch with my inner peace and the earth. Rolls eyes and ends conversation by asking how her husbands job is (works in coal mining) end of chat. Hehehehe.

So given that my poor lifestyle choices obviously caused the
cancer and that organic food, exercise and turmeric would have cured it. I
decided to have a look at a normal day just for a laugh and see how many things were on
the list of 116 things that give you cancer as per “The Guardian”.

Wake up and go pee.                                      No
problems with that one.

Brush teeth                                                      Possible fluoride debate with toothpaste. Not on list though.

Coffee plus Berocca chaser.                           Seems that’s ok. 

Face care and make up.            Obviously full of cancer inducing chemicals
like formaldehyde. (73 on list)

Contemplate which class 1 carcinogen to have for
breakfast, bacon or cigarette.  Both in
the same category so opt for obviously            healthier choice in the cigarette as far
less fat and calories.

Second coffee whilst waiting for diesel fume pumping
beast of car to warm up (29 on list).

Park and walk through covered car park at work containing
multiple fume pumping beasts driving in.

Walk into outdoor air pollution (numbers 92
and 93)

Walk under warning sign reading “This building contains
asbestos”. (44 on list) Remind self not to lick or suck on walls.

Walk past oncology unit and contemplate
knowingly being injected with cyclophosphamide (62) ignore thoughts on rads.

Salami and salad sandwich for lunch.             (processed meat 39)

          Frequent use of hand sanitizer during the
day         (number15)

Sit in line up of exhaust pumping vehicles on the way out for
10 mins whilst stupid boom gate does not open, yet again.

Walk dog in lovely afternoon sun.               (solar radiation 106)

T bone and salad for dinner.                       Red meat, bad naughty,  on bbq grill at high heat even worse causing benzopyrene              and other toxic chemicals  (48)

Glass of wine with dinner                             Alcohol (22) Resveratrol
=Tick. Negates bad alcohol score I believe.

Pop Tamoxifen pill                                        (number
108 on the list)

          Shower and moisturize                                (number 73 again)



So there you have it.  The only safe thing to do in your day is drink coffee and pee!

This was the meme that was shared on her facebook page that afternoon.  Was that for me?????? LMFAO 


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    @kezmusc this is absolute gold and very similar to my day!!  Glad my 2-3 coffees a day are ok  :pensive:

    These health nuts that feel the need to tell anyone they caused their cancer and could get rid of it with tumeric and sunshine need to shove some of that sunshine up their ass!!

    Im sure everyone of us who got diagnosed questioned and continues to question health choices. I like u, have the occasional cigarettes - does that men I deserved cancer??  I also was vegan and exercised fanatically. 

    Take your kale and go strangle yourself with it if u wish to judge others choices and medical decisions. I’m all for complimentary treatments but I’ll go with the advice of my oncologist I think. 

    U made me laugh though lovely xoxox
  • arpie
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    FFS!!   I reckon that's the last time you'll be catching up with HER!, @kezmusc !??

    Yep - she can take that kale & shove it where the sun don't shine!  (Almost sounds like a song!!)

    Stupid woman.   

    Take care xxx
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    Silly  silly girl!
    What do they say!

  • Sarnicad
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    OMG if I had a dollar for all the do gooders spouting their “health” garbage I’d have enough money to cure cancer
  • kmakm
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    I don't get it very often. Having a sister who died from breast cancer who was a vegan or vegetarian for her entire adult life, ate organic food as much as possible, didn't smoke and always exercised, plus breast fed her children, means that people who go there are on very thin ice. I have turned on my heels and walked away from that shit. Sure, some of these things are risk factors, but as we know they are not causative of breast cancer. That remains pretty much unknown.

    Next time she tries it tell her 'Your ignorance is making my blood pressure go up, and that will cause a heart attack, so for the sake of my health I'm leaving now'.

    Infuriating.  :#
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    Yep, I've listened while the well meaning (I sometimes doubt that) strap themselves into the ejector seat, wait util I can no longer bear the wellness/mindfulness victim blaming babble then pull the lever. Kapow! Get out of my life you nitwit.

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    Haha ,my day would be pretty similar, haha ,fancy putting that picture up that very afternoon,
  • Milly21
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    Don’t think I will read that list
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    It is hard to change a lifetime of vices over night and life is too darn short to bother with it any way. If I like it then I eat it. Kale is not on my list of likes. :)