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Friday Update 19 April 2019

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Hello everyone and welcome to Fridays update which is one day early!   We hope this newsletter finds you travelling well.

It’s been a busy couple of days at BCNA with some of our team members volunteering for a couple of hours at some of the local Bakers Delight stores, to help pack and tag over 7000 bags of hot cross buns per bakery!  I can say, after some extensive consultation and tastings, that the ‘mocha’ buns are my personal favourite this year!

BCNA will be closed from COB Thursday 18 April and will reopen at 9 am Tuesday 23 April 2019. The Helpline will also be closed during this period. The online network will be moderated as per weekend moderation hours i.e. a couple of hours per day (morning and evening). During this time the moderation team including Riki, Carissa and Jenny will be moderating so you will see their names popping up over this period.

We understand that certain times of the year can be particularly tough for some of our online community. Emotions can run high and we can react to things that we would normally brush off. The online network has proven to be a fabulous place of support and can be a great place to vent about some of the challenges you experience over the Easter break. 

If anyone needs additional help during this time, the following services will be open over the Easter break.  Dont forget to check in with existing supports like family or friends and your medical team.  Your treating hospitals will also have some services available.


Call 1300 22 4636   24 hours 7 days a week

Trained mental health professional are available 24/7 either via phone or their website.


Beyondblue also have a list of national helplines and websites



Life line Australia

13 11 14

24 hours 7 days a week

Telephone crisis support


OTIS Foundation Breast Cancer Retreats

We recently had two lovely members from the Otis Foundation, Mandy and Rain, visit with the team at BCNA.  It was a great opportunity to spend time with Mandy and Rain to hear more about the foundation as well as discuss opportunities for working collaboratively in supporting women and men diagnosed with breast cancer.  

Many of you already know that the Otis Foundation ‘provide retreat accommodation at no cost to anyone dealing with the challenges of breast cancer.’  If anyone feels that they are in need of a break away, you can contact the Otis Foundation directly to book a retreat.  Some tips from Otis about making a booking include, getting in early to book your retreat and ensuring that you are well enough to travel and enjoy your time away.  The OTIS Foundation Breast Cancer Retreats

You are eligible for a retreat at any time.  Otis recommend that you look at their website to check and see what is available in your state or territory.  Some states have the option of traveling interstate for a retreat.  Once you have had a look at the website, contact the bookings team to see what is available.  Contact OTIS

If anyone knows of someone that has a holiday house and may be interested in donating some time at their property, can you please ask them to contact OTIS Donate Time at a Property

BCNA would like to wish you and your loved ones a very happy Easter.  We hope you are able to spend time with your loves ones celebrating what Easter means to you.  If you are traveling or planning to get away we wish you a safe journey.

Happy Easter from the mod team

Marianne, Riki, Rosie, Carissa, Jenny & Giovanna



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    I hope you all had a lovely Easter... I worked but still managed a bit (lot) of chocolate.
    Thanks for all you do for us.
    Paula xxx
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