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I'm tired of prostheses problems & don't know where to turn.  Too big, too small, moves in bra, they never look the same as my right breast in clothes!  In fact my right breast needs an underwire style bra to lift & shape but how do I put a prosthesis in that ?  I never  look anywhere near even when I wear my prosthesis which is so perky.    Anyone clues on dealing with this lop sided life ?

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    Hi @PamelaP
    some ladies on here speak very highly of Genevieve Gort. I've tagged

    Here's a link to a previous post on the help received
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    My fitter is good but Melbourne based. I wore an underwire bra with a soft pad for 12 months until I got a prosthesis fitted (seroma made fitting accurately impossible till it was gone). I never had the slightest trouble with an underwire bra - the soft pad moved more than I liked but that was at least understandable. A prosthesis should sit snugly in the bra pocket for that purpose and not move around. I was wedded to an underwire bra for support but my fitter came up with a no-wire bra that does the job every bit as well. 
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    Thanks @iserbrown

    @PamelaP here's the details of Genevieve Gort, honestly, I havent looked back since finding her! I no longer wear underwire bras and Im big busted but her range particularly Anita is divine! she deals with prosthetic fittings as well.

    M xx 
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    It does sound as if you need a good fitter, @PamelaP It's not just the prosthesis but the bra as well.  Mine are certainly not symmetrical to me but the difference is so small that I doubt anyone else would know.  There are different styles of prostheses, too, including the sort that stick on.
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    @PamelaP I empathise with you. My prostheses were small (as am I) so couldn’t find a mastectomy bra that fit.

    I can highly recommend Dickory Dock in Camberwell for bras. They’re not prosthesis specialists but amazing bra fitters who can help you look and feel great whatever your situation. They have a seamstress on site who does alterations.

    They put me in Anita bras like @melclarity and it worked out really well.