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Hello all.

So over christmas and new years i was in hospital again. I have been having some swallowing issues for about 6 months now and its seem to have got worse as the weeks go bye, when i mentioned it to my oncologist she said it could be a mixture of chemo, body being so weak, radiation to breasts and just the cancer itself. So she didnt do anything about it. Just before christmas we called ambulance to the house cause i was javing trouble breathing, long story short, ended up in hospital for unrelated issue, but refused to leave till i got answers about the throat issue. Did tests turns out i have Dysphagia......... does anyone else have this? I have been on puree diet since christmas and it is HARD.  My husband and i are doing our best to make recipes up then hope once its pureed they taste good. I have ent specialist next week and i hipe hes able to give me some good news.
Any help or recipes maybe you ate when you had trouble swallowing would be greatly appreciated. I can give my email address if it makes it easier or msg me privately.
Thanks so much in advance.


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    Oh that sucks @Pebbz1981 ;
    The only cook books I've seen for  Dysphagia have been written for people who have had a stroke. My Mum struggled with it for a few years ( if you want to see an 86 y/o completely lose it, mention thickened fluids to her ) Thankfully she has recovered to a point and decided to take her chances with the rest. Try your local library. Mxx
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    Some wonderful info there, @kitkatb and SO much more interesting & tasty than what I was able to give patients 40 years ago!  That is just awesome!  

    I'll tag @Nadi  into this conversation as well, as she also has a swallowing problem.

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    Thanks @arpie ;  yes you should have seen the looks on the residents faces trying salad for the first time for some of them it had been years.   I always try to think of the puree residents as much as possible as unfortunately in some places they are the forgotten ones and given a constant diet of mashed potatoes. mashed pumpkin and meat.   I even worked out how to puree pavlova took quite a few disasters but got it in the end. ( and taste tested haha ) The look on their faces was priceless and makes the effort worthwhile . xox
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    Back in the day, @kitkatb   I used to put Roast Lamb & veg (and other meals) into a big blender with a heap of gravy & mint sauce, curries, etc .... and they loved it.  I also did lots of smoothies with tinned fruit & ripe fresh fruit - with custard, cream, ice cream, eggs & vanilla ... anything I could 'value add' to with flavour or calories.

    My husband lost 3/4 of his stomach to cancer, so I got even more practise at it, 9 years ago!
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