Rooky question about private hospiral procedures

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My surgery is tomorrow at a private hospital. I know my gap fee for both surgeon and anaesthetist. I’m having the guide wire localisation procedure and also the sentinel node mapping procedure prior to surgery. Will there be additional costs for these? It’s just occurred to me that no one has mentioned them. 


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    I should think that they would be covered but you may want to contact the hospital.  I certainly didn't pay anything for tests or other expenses apart from my hospital excess.
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    Do you have private health insurance? If so, you could give them a call and ask. K  :)
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    I’m expecting preadmissions will call me today so I will ask them. But I’m thinking it’s covered too, Sister, as the surgeon did give me the item numbers to quote to my insurance provider. They must be included in that. Thanks, ladies
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    Hi @hillies2
    It's worth asking about the pathology costs, some people have copped some unexpected bills. Good luck. MXX
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    All the best for your surgery tomorrow @hillies2

    My Sentinel Node test was a freebie  - but definitely worth the ask.

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    Thanks everyone. I will