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Someone I know has just had a close family member diagnosed with Paget's Disease.  At this stage, it appears that it is only the nipple involved but I believe that the situation is under surveillance.  I don't think either my friend or the family member understand much but have the impression that they believe it will either be very local or else, given there's no obvious underlying mass, it will be Stage 4.  I'm happy to provide a bit of a shoulder to lean on but I really don't know anything about this condition so wondering if anyone can give any information.


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    Hi @Sister, I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s relative. Paget’s Disease of the nipple is very uncommon and getting a diagnosis is a positive step as it can be delayed due to misdiagnosis. There is a brief explanation on the BCNA website - understanding breast cancer - types of breast cancer. There is additional information on This is UK based info but reliable and comprehensive source. Investigation and treatment follows the usual pathway for early breast cancer. Please let your friend know they can contact BCNA to get information, resources and support. Hope that is of some help. Rosie 
  • SisterSister Adelaide Hills, SAMember Posts: 4,477
    Thanks, @Rosie_BCNA  for that link.  I am being fairly circumspect as it is possible that either of them may come to this forum at a later stage and search for information and I would not like them to feel uncomfortable in any way.
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