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Can anyone tell me if there is somewhere to buy alevyn silicone dressings without charging the earth?
I do work still and not on a pension card at all.


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    Can't help with that @dem.  I'm wondering why you have to buy your own dressings (assuming you are post surgical) but on the great scale of All Screwed Up it doesn't surprise me. Sadly. Mxx
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    Yep post surgical. Mastectomy and reconstruction... multiple seromas which have burst thru suture lines. Hosp provides basic dressings which when i have to do daily dressings and pack wounds rip my skin to pieces...so I opt not to use what i as a nurse call old style dressings... they also are prone to leakage and i cant have that occuring at work 🤣
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    OK. Seroma are the pits (pardon the pun) I'm going to tag @onemargie for this one as I seem to remember she was using silicone dressings at one point. @primek might have some advice as well. 

    I know you can buy decent dressings online much cheaper than you can get them at most chemists, which still may not be affordable long term. Thing is, it takes a week or more for them to arrive and, of course, we all hope the problem will  have buggered off by then.

    I was stuck with a weeping horrible in my armpit post wide excision. A friend subbed me a pack of silver infused dressings. I don't know if it was the dressing or timing, but that wound got all pink and clean very quickly once I started using them.


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    Silver is good too. I have been getting them from an online supplier but cost isnt discounted at all. No prob really just dipping into emergency fund i wanted to keep for holiday....
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    No I'd look online or beg a breast care nurse for coloplast products perhaps. Then you wouldn't need to pack daily. 
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    Definitely contact your BCN.  Most of them are angels at coming up with donations or dressings.  Contact your hospital, we would just give them to someone who was struggling.  No questions asked, I see it done every day.
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    I third that suggestion. My breast care nurse has a big cupboard full of samples and supplies from which she's given me stuff on occasion.
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    @DeM @Zoffiel. Independence Australia have a huge range of affordable dressings etc including the silicone tape. You can reuse it a few times before replacing it and it comes on a roll too. It works well just takes time. I took a screen shot So check out all their other products too. Hope this helps. Big hug Margie xx
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