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Please try this quick test
Go into GOOGLE and put in Breast Cancer product Australia
Then put in Male Breast Cancer products Australia.
You will now struggle to find any images relating to MBC, MAYBE one or two.
Is Pinkoctober just becoming a commercial feast to get donation and for companies to make profits by jumping on the BC bandwagon.
LADIES the BC Men are out there and need your support.
BC is not gender specific. Without your support pushing the pink charities to make October not just for the ladies, and more inclusive of the men. These guys are your fathers, brothers, sons, nephews and your male friends.


  • arpie
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    @PeterB -  we were just talking about this the other day on @traveltext's post .....

    It is totally unfair that treatment and services are not identical for both male & female

    This definitely needs addressing!!

  • PeterB
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    Traveltext and I both have the same aims. Make changes that include men too.
    thanks for yr support
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    @ PeterB.  Welcome to the world of women. There is very poor funding of MBC: metastatic breast cancer. Male breast cancer is very rare. Metastatic breast cancer is not rare. 
    There was very little publicity of metastatic breast cancer awareness day.
    I realise that men get breast cancer. I am not fussed on the pink emphasis either.
    One in three people with early stage breast cancer will get metastatic breast cancer.
    Women are discriminated against still in many areas such as wages, employment, feeling safe, political representation. 
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    Oh dear - That is a scary statistic for the 'early stage BC sufferers' @Patti J!!   Not a good statistic at all!   :(  

    Username deleted - I have a couple of personal friends with Met BC (10-15 years after their initial surgery) - and they've been told they will die 'with it' not 'from it' ..... so they've got a slow growing one, which is the better one to 'get', I guess, if you are going to get Mets!

    Hmmm, not sure I agree with the 'pseudo-masterbation' bit tho!  I guess they reckon that any publicity is good publicity!!  ;) 

    Welcome to the blog!!