Travel insurance after Lumpectomy

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Hello all , I went through a lumpectomy 10mths ago followed by Radiation treatment (stage1). Wanting to fly to the states next year but don’t know weather do declare to the travel insurance companies anything ? One quote jumped to $1500 for my family. It’s not if I get sick over there it’s incase of a reoccurrence & I need to cancel before we go. Has anyone traveled after ?? Who did you use ?? 


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    There are a few threads on travel insurance, worth looking at. Covermore (and others) will cover you if you are 6 months post active treatment (hormonal tablets don't count). Good luck.
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    Hi @Life, I have just returned from Europe & declared my cancer to Covermore. They were great, I just had to answer some extra questions. My treatment finished last year. I can't remember the cost but it certainly wasn't 1500.00. There were 3 of us!
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    [email protected] just returned from a 6 week holiday to Asia my travel Insurance was with Medibank Private I am a member 
    I was asked 3 questions about my cancer, they offered travel insurance with the Breast Cancer included for $375.00
    Regards Stork 

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    Thanks Glemmis,& Stork , I will call covermore after the weekend. 
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    I went to Norfolk Island just weeks after finishing Rads .... it was fine with Covermore.

    any insurance company saying anything else is in an “Aids”  time warp!!  ;)   (I don’t mean to offend!). Just my observation from reading some of the others’ fine print!

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    Yes was actually very surprised how backwards the insurance companies are regarding some illnesses.
    It’s not like I’ll be overseas & then discover my breast cancer has come back & need medical attention overseas. 
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    Thank you ladies , from my Travel agents quote of $1500, Covermore did it for $850, Breast Cancer declared ! 
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    All the More to spend whilst you are away!!  ;)  Enjoy @Life

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    Has anyone gotten travel insurance for metastatic breast cancer recently?  I've done the online search with covermore & no luck.  I went overseas a couple of years ago & used another insurance company after declaring my met disease (lungs), but now have bone cancer too, so need someone who will not only cover cancellation if tests come back negative (for me :( ) but also if a fall causes a fracture.  All suggestions welcome.  
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    Sorry to hear you’re having such a bad run. I tried covermore online & wasn’t having luck so I ended up calling them & spoke to someone. Much more able to get excactly watch you need if you speak to someone. Good luck. Wishing you all the best. 
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    Thanks @Life.  Enjoy your holiday to the states
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