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Hi all,
so I finally finished radiation last week and I am happy that the last 9 months is behind me , but I have decided to look for a job which I was starting to do at Christmas time last year but cancer had other ideas !!! But just wanted some opinions out there I was out of work for a few years to be a stay at home mum to my daughter and step daughter so have updated my resume etc but do I state on cover letter etc about my cancer treatment ? Or do I wait till I get a job interview and turn up with my stunning crew cut 🤷🏻‍♀️. I am unsure what to do. Thanks in advance .


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    I’d advise keeping your personal health to yourself as it may worry an employer .Extend the period of parenting to include treatment time. The only reason to disclose it would be if it impacts on your job performance otherwise let your job performance speak for it self. Best of luck.
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    I wouldn't say anything unless they ask.  There's plenty of women out there with really short hair. And they did it on purpose!  As long as you have no lasting side effects that would affect the job it really shouldn't be a problem.

    Good luck.
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    Yup agree with the others. Unless anything impacts on your daily health and ability to work I certainly wouldn't put it on my cover letter nor bring up in interview unless you really feel you  need to. 
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    I've just started a new job after two years off dealing with this shit. I haven't told them. It's a casual position that's usually three shifts a week and as most appointments are made a month or more in advance I just tell them not to roster me on those days.
    If you go for something that requires a medical you'll probably have to ''fess up, but I deliberately avoided those sorts of jobs for now. Most government positions want you to sign off that you don't have a condition that is going to be aggravated by doing your duties, which is not the same as admitting you have or had an underlying medical issue. Good luck, that first pay cheque is a great feeling. Mxx
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    I agree with everyone else and wouldn’t say anything. 
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    Dear @Nikkilee, I also agree with everyone - not relevant unless your work capacity is affected. I am now working full-time after finishing treatment in December last year. Over several interviews and applications I was not challenged about my time out of the work force, only about my skills and experience. Good luck in your job hunting Go Girl Go!

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    Hi @Nikkilee, I'm in the same boat and didn't say anything in the one interview that I've had. This may interest you if you're in Melbourne.Some others out there may benefit from it  too.It's from the Think Pink Living Centre

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    I might go . All the best with everything!
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    Hello @Nikkilee
    Thanks for your post.  Great to hear that you have completed your treatment and are now ready to return to work.  
    BCNA have some great information on their website and I have attached the link below titled 'Looking for a new job' which you may find helpful.
    All the best Nikkilee

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    I was sacked 14 months into 16 months treatment. I got another job 3 weeks later. At the interview I explain my situation as I still needed time off for treatment and my appointments. After finishing treatment I had checkups every 3 months for the first 2 years. My employer is accepting of my health issues and happy to fit in with any appointments I have and extremely supportive. I have now been there for going on 4 years. Good luck