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July 2012 late at night l joined the online network because l had breast cancer.6 years on lm still here now being reminded l was the new one once. Recently l thought its time to let go of this blogging addiction lol and say goodbye to bcna, as am l just rattling on.but going to the plan b in melbourne told me no.l saw friends l met 6 years ago at my 1st conference, l met new gals l chat to online, lt reminded me we still need to share and thats what it is. I made someones day and gave away my field of women ticket their reaction was enough for me.when my husband picked me up l had a cry, he said wtf l thought you had a good day. I did l said. Bloody women he said. Adean


  • arpie
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    Wonderful @adean - it is a bond that will be with us forever & the friendships and networking that we do 'on the side' is just wonderful.

    Well done you - that was lovely of you to donate your ticket  - they will be talking about you even if you don't know it, for ages, I reckon!  ;)  

    We all have something to contribute to the 'other newbies' - Yep - we were all scared newbies when we joined ...... and a lot more educated now  xx 
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    Bloody hell you made cry
  • SoldierCrab
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    expect an influx of new members ladies .... 

  • kmakm
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    Oh I am so pleased you're sticking around! I just wrote on another thread how hopeful you made me feel with your story of coming out the other end of the long trudge of taking an AI.

    Love your story about your husband's response to your tears! So funny. K xox