Interesting article about menopause & the workplace



  • primek
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    A great read. Most  of the workforce I'm in...finding some estrogen is a struggle. We are all around same age. Haha. And I have fans hidden in bags and office trays. I actually bought a desk fan for one colleague as she was always hot. Haha. 
  • Sister
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    What's really interesting about the article is that it exists at all.  Menopause is still considered to be a taboo subject or at least an embarrassing one (much like menstruation, really, but worse).  I'm fortunate in that my line manager is a woman of 70 and went through some tricky times with menopause herself - and she's not backward in talking about it.
  • kmakm
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    @Sister I've made a deliberate choice to talk about it openly as a result of the prevalent hush hush attitude. I'm going to 'be the change' in more ways than one.
  • Kiwi Angel
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    Just watching a segment about it on the Today Show. Quite interesting.