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Hello lovely Ladies

Yesterday I went  for my 1st mammogram after BC . Before going to the specialist next week.

All last week was up and down. I was so nervous.

So got called by a lovely young lady and told her I was anxious when asked how I was instead of my usual Yeah I am fine.

Had the Mammogram waited as we normally do but she came back and said that her and the Dr had looked at last years and this years and said that there is NO change to my only breast.  Phew.

Going by last years test which were at the same place, I know that if there is something wrong they don't say anything. This was a huge plus for me.

I am not sure that the lovely Radiologist was supposed to tell me anything but I am so glad she did.

I will now go and see the Specialist next week feeling a lot better.

Just a thought tho. How many of you ladies have gone and had these what seem like endless Scans etc and just wish the person there would tell you something anything to make you feel better.

I know this young lady made me feel better yesterday.

Jan xx



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    Hi Jan, scanxiety is so real.  Any tests make me very nervous now.  My last mammogram/ultrasound something similar happened.  The girl spent A LOT of time measuring and going over some spots a few times - I am just about wetting myself.  I asked her and she said she's not allowed to say anything.  Luckily my docs surgery rang that afternoon to confirm my apt and I told her about it.  The results were already there and she told me all was well.  So number 1 couldn't they at least say "you will get a call within so many hours if there is a problem" or something similar.  And why do docs ring you and say come down to surgery straight away - but won't tell you on phone what is wrong?  To me I think I would rather know the bad news straight away - then arrange the docs apt - maybe with partner or friend in tow.  They say they need to be with you when they impart the news - I say I'd rather be at home and have the opportunity to take it in and get a friend / partner if I need them.  One of the above times just after treatment finished, the GP got her receptionist to ring me to come down straight away - I totally panicked and off I went - and had a (luckily minor) car accident - to the news that I had a thyroid problem???    
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    I haven't reached the point of follow-up scans and don't know how I'll cope with them when I get there but as soon as my path report came back after the partial, the doctor rang me at home with the bad news.  It wasn't what I wanted to hear but I was able to get my head around the basic information straight away without waiting a couple of days to see him.
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    This is my 6th year and l still get nervous.
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    We all get nervous - the chatty scanner who tells us if all looks OK is probably out of line but it's so welcome.