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Hi ladies
Having a left mastectomy this Tuesday. I have been reading other posts re drains. Just confused as some have said 10 days to 2 weeks their drains were left. Mr Doctor has said that I will be in hospital for 2 or 3 nights depending on much fluid is collected. He said drains will be removed before I leave so it could be Thursday (2 nights) or Friday (3 nights) depending on how much fluid is collected when he sees me on his morning rounds. My question is how normal is it to have drains in for this short  time period?. Also what sort of dressings are used to cover the surgery site. I love my showers and whilst might not feel up to them worried how the dressings will go.


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    I had a right mastectomy last Feb. My drains came out and I was discharged after 2 nights in hospital. I had no problems at all with fluid build up or seromas. A registrar syringed a small pocket of fluid but I was later told it wasn't really necessary. My wound was covered with surgical tape and I showered immediately the morning after my surgery.
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    I had drains in for over 10
    days. Surgeons all have different preferences and ways they like to do things. Frequently the length of time insitu is dependant on how much drainage is coming out. However it’s all about what they prefer.

    I showered daily with mine. Just pat dry.
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    Removing drains is gloriously variable - different surgeons, different patients, different preferences. Mine came out after 3 days, fluid had stopped draining well and truly. I too showered day after my mastectomy, still with drains in. Trick is to get as much drained as possible without risking introduced infection. I did get a seroma but I don't think the two are necessarily connected. I healed really well, no pain. Just my body kept producing fluid, to help healing but over the top. Trust your team, they are making the best judgement they can. Best wishes. 
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    Thank you ladies
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