What NOT to say!

Found this from the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.



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    OMG - I just looked at the video @Deanne; it is very funny but made me cringe! It has nearly all of the sayings reported in the post titled 'Is that right - Did you really say that?'
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    Yes @jennyss it does make you cringe! I am sure that we have all heard at least one of those sayings from someone at some time during our dealings with bc. Humour is one way to cope with it and also a great way to educate others about what is helpful and what is NOT!  ;) 
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    I’ve heard them all too. And you have to laugh hey. Some people just don’t know what to say and some are just dickheads lol. Margie.  Xx
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    I love it! 

    I was given a book to review about a year or so ago by a pretty famous "self help guru" guy.  I've seen him on tv and used to have so much respect for him.  About 100 pages in he went on a rant about how people who get cancer can only blame themselves, and he went on and on about it for almost a chapter of his book.  He wanted feedback haha, so I gave it to him and told him EXACTLY what I thought of his book he was about to put out for sale :) 
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    Gold. The only people who are allowed to joke about BC, are people with BC. Which is just as well, I'd explode if I couldn't joke about this stuff.
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    OMG..... That's Hilarious!