DIEP or SGAP reconstruction and whether to go Public or Private

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HI Everyone...

I was diagnosed in 2014. Had a lumpectomy then WLE (reexcision), then radio. I didn't need to have chemo. Following this I was basically left with half a breast & an inverted nipple. Has left me scarred and incredibly upset by how I look. My husband still hasn’t seen my ugly breast! My Mother died 6 months before diagnosis & another family member 2 months before... so I was against mastectomy & reconstruction then, as I didn't want my children to worry. So here I am in 2018,  I have had 2 rounds of fat transfer done privately (no insurance, and no medicare funding for this!!) to date. The first one failed by first PS (actually erupted), but the 2nd one went fine... However, I am now considering DIEP or SGAP flap, but not until my last child is at school (next year). I am also hesitant about flap surgery, recovery time and want to hear about public versus private. I haven't really been happy with my public experiences so would like to hear about different options. So in conclusion, what I really want to hear about is:

1. DIEP and SGAP experiences.

2. Private versus Public with DIEP and SGAP.

3. Did anyone join a private health fund AFTER diagnosis, then have privately funded reconstruction afterwards... would like to hear about this & if possible!!

Thank you!


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    Hello @redongreens,

    We have a 'choosing breast reconstruction' group that you may like to join, you can connect with other women who have undergone breast reconstructive surgery and view some of their photo stories as well.

    Its a big decision and good to get as much information as possible. There is also the Breconda website which is a breast reconstruction decision aid  which you may like to view.


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    Thannks Giovanna, I shall post my story in there! I don't think I posted it properly!! x
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