Omg new research on bc spreading

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Well people I know we are told a lot of foods we like may not be good for us and here’s another one.Drew my attention as only recently discovered the joy of fresh asparagus and did become a little keen - might need to rethink or try that moderation word.

Asparagus link to breast cancer is discovered by scientists - Evening Standard


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    PS There is a lot online worldwide today about this discovery 
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    It's not asparagus per se but asparagine, which is found in other foods too. It may have an effect on cell spread not the tumour itself.  Moderation is certainly the key word, I'd be interested to know how much asparagine was in the diet of the mice!
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    There is a lot of science articles as well as newspaper coverage internationally today .Here is a more authoritative scientific article that may clarify further.

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    Many thanks Romla that is very informative.
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    Now they want to take away my asparagus? Out of my cold dead hands!
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    Omg @ Zoffiel French fries and potato chips are also a source of asparagine !
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    I suppose I'm lucky that my tumour was 100% Estrogen positive as this research is concerning triple negative?
    Asparagus is never going to taste the same again - and I already knew that french fries and potato chips weren't exactly good for me...
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    Probably all foods have it once its studied more. 

    I recently  read a ridiculous article encouraging having concentrated asparagus...because if your urine stinks it's toxins leaving your body. 

    It sure is confusing. 
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    Well. So not much left to eat then. It's unlikely you could actually survive on a diet without tbose foods listed. 
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    Agreed it is confusing - apparently fruit and vegetables do not have asparagine with the exception of asparagus and potatoes. I became a fresh asparagus addict  last year after discovering how to cook it properly but  it does make your urine woofy . Not sure about toxins leaving my body but it did give me a fright and quelled my enthusiasm for asparagus for a bit.
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    @primek I think @Afraser nailed it moderation in all things so might restrain my daily bunch of asparagus in season to once a week - sigh ....
  • RomlaRomla AdelaideMember Posts: 1,377
    Perfect @Afraser as have never been much of a moderate and now I feel a little less guilty
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    Hmmm I love asparagus LOL and wont be stopping it anytime soon, not that I have it alot really. Science in nature is just that, they have to prove or explain things. Dont get to bogged down in all the studies honestly, Ive heard so many specialists actually say in public forums they are ALL minority studies. There is no absolute link if there were there'd be a cure LOL. So they keep coming up with different things. If they had there way we'd all be on bread and water hahaha!! with zero effect on breast cancer at all. 

    :) x
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    Ahh but the gluten in bread @melclarity lol! And the fluoride in the water!  :D
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