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Hi all, hope all are doing great !
I had my surgery on the 3 Oct, and had some complications since.  I had a lumpectomy on the right and then breast reduction on both.  First I had a very large haematoma on the left breast ended up with vac dressing.  I have also had wound breakdown on both breast at about 2 and 1/2 inches wide and about same long on both breast.  This has pushed back any further treatment and not sure if there will be any.  I have my dressings changed 3 times a week by blue care and then every fortnight I go back and see the BCN.  Just wanting to know if anyone else has been through the same ( I have been told it is going to take months to heal) I don't have much of a life at all and am quite depressed and not sure if it will ever end.  Thanks for reading.


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    Oh how awful for you. The good thing with dcis is sometimes the surgery is the only treatment. Your surgeon will tell you more about what's next. I presume you are seeing him quite often presently. Ask your breast care nurse about treatment delays etc as she'll have more knowledge and they work closely with the surgeons.
    Meanwhile...things to help....really good diet with lots of fruit and veggies. A good multivitamin won't hurt and if you smoke see if you can cut down as much as possible even if this means patches, inhalers etc. 
    Sending you positive thoughts for speedy healing. 
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    Post op complications are the pits! Just ghastly, all the leaking and oozing. And while most of us don't mind the occasional visitor, no one needs their kitchen table turned into a dressings trolley three times a week.
    You must be so disappointed; it's not good when you make tough decisions that you think are in your best interests and then everything turns to shit anyway.
    Hang in there @shann ;
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    @shann that sounds horrible- you poor thing. I haven't had that happen, so can't advise, however I'm up to my 5th surgery and having my 6th end of Jan so can relate to life being on hold and not being able to do the things I love.... the vacuuming and sweeping I don't miss but horse riding I do... as primek said- lots of healthy food, resting and taking care of yourself.. I know it's hard but your body really needs to heal.  Stay positive - read lots of lovely books and watch lots of TV - if you have Netflix get immersed in a good series xxxx

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    Just had dressing done again and the right breast has got worse due to sweating on the weekend.  Really thinking of asking for what I wanted in the beginning a double masectomy.  Anyone give me some advise about this how it is and have been, I don't want stretchers or reconstruction just nothing.
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    @shann What a rough time you're having. Poor you. I'm new to all this and am waiting for my first consultation with surgeon in two days' time. I can't offer any advice, except to suggest that once you've decided what matters most to you, explain that to your surgeon. I agree with @Caseypinto that Netflix is a great distraction. If you don't have it, ask friends to subscribe for you as a gift. Hugs. x
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    If you were seriously thinking of having  a double, restart that conversation. If this is just a rough patch and you are eventually going to have a good cosmetic outcome it's probably worth persisting. If, like many of us, you feel you are never going to trust those tits again it may be time to have a look at other options. Marg xxx
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    Oh, that's not good at all that it's got worse.  As @Zoffiel mentioned, if that's what you really want, then talk to your surgeon. I had bilateral mastectomy in July, and glad I did take that option due to certain reasons, however it has not been all smooth sailing, hence lots of operations, but I'm almost done and so happy now. It's such a huge decision - I did do the expanders implant route, so can't advise on the non reconstruction but I'm sure there's lots of wonderful ladies on here that will be able to advise you. Hope you feel better this week. Xxx

    @Flaneuse good luck with your appointment this week, hope all goes well for you xx
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    Is healing likely to be an issue if you have the double?

    I’m 2 1/2 weeks post a double without reconstruction. I’ve just started going without the soft forms and bra while at home. The surgery and healing haven’t been an issue. I’ve developed some cording due to lymph node removal on the right side. The tightness across my chest has subsided significantly while doing the stretches. Sleeping can be problematic due to limited positions but I suspect this is already an issue for you currently.

    If it’s definitely something you want, I would talk to your surgeon about it. Jen xx. 
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    Hi @shann, firstly, no wonder you are feeling low.  That's awful to have deal with and the hot weather will be making things more uncomfortable for you. 
    I am 4 weeks post bilateral mastectomies and am AMAZED at how good I am and how quickly. I had my lumpectomy and nodes out back in April then 5 months of chemo. I had some issues post lumpectomy with cording, numbness down arm and lots of nerve pain and discomfort. This improved a lot after chemo finished in September as I think the tissue finally was able to heal properly. 
    I have not had reconstruction. And don't intend to have reconstruction. I am THRILLED with the outcome of my surgery. It looks so much better than I thought it would. Fabulously flat not puckered and lumpy like the pictures I googled!  I'd had a reduction 3 years ago and my surgeon just followed the scars. I'm lucky I don't carry any weight so I think that helps too. I recovered really quickly only taking panadol by day 3 post op. That's when my drains came out. Because no nodes out it has been far less painful. Feel free to ask me anything you like...
    Bec xxx 
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    Hi all and thank you for your replies.  Sorry its taken a while to reply I have had internet issues.  Well I am still on 3 days a week dressing changes and went and saw my surgeon and his team 2 weeks ago tomorrow.  Spoke to him about double mesectomy and am doing it on the 16 Jan.  No reconstruction at all as I am unable to due to problems with the healing and openings.  Had another horrible experience with the nurses again at the hospital this time letting some gauze dry on wound and when removing it was ripped and by xmas day had another haematoma on the left breast which did pop and come away, during this time I have had to go back to panadol and ibuprofen 4 hourly which I wasn't on previously.  I just can't win!  So now just continuing to have dressings 3 days a week until the surgery by blue care as I never want to go back to the nurses at the hospital and I did tell them this.  Thank god I have financial support from my parents at this stage.  I am just hoping that after the surgery things will be normal ........ fingers crossed !

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    You can go back for an expander reconstruction later if no issues with your mastectomies but you need to heal well first. It is not something that has to be decided right now. I do hope things will improve really soon for you. Kath x
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    @shann wishing you all the best with your surgery and healing. Let us know how you're going. Big hug lovely. Xx
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    @shann, what a bloody awful time you're having. I had reductions 3 years ago and was so happy with the results ( fortunate not to have any post op complications) until of course they let me down. It's a big decision to have the mastectomies but it is your decision and yours alone. Do I regret it, some days yes but I'm still early days getting used to my flat chestedness. But mostly I feel confident in the decision I made to reduce further risk. Best wishes for the 16th. Hug hug and hugs. Xxx
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    oh @shann what a roller coaster of problems .... I had a double mastectomy back in 2012 and I didnt chose reconstruction.
    I hope this surgery is straight forward with no problems afterwards for you. 
    gentle hugs and let us know how you are going 
    Soldier crab
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