Friday update 8 December 2017

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Hello and welcome everyone to our Friday Update.


How fast have the last two weeks gone by!  I cannot believe we are 2 weeks away from Christmas!

This is the first year that I’m hosting Christmas lunch at my place for 13 people (it could also be the last depending on my cooking especially the turkey!).  Feeling a little bit organized, I have started some Christmas shopping and have made a start on writing some Christmas cards.  I do love receiving a hand written card!  

We have had some great discussion in the online space regarding Christmas.  Keep up the posts, we are keen to hear what you have found helpful at Christmas time and any tips that may help others manage this busy and sometimes challenging time of the year.  Our communications team are using some of the posts in their end of year communications to our members over the next few weeks. We will also compile them together in a post in the lead up to Christmas.

We have had 40 new members join our online community in the last two weeks.  I have listed the usernames below and extend a very warm welcome to all of you.

@Caddy123, @Chocolate70, @buster,@Lea-AnneD, @Chea, @jennyss, @RoslynT, @rosetilly, @SandraP, @Bowie2015, @Lyndatest, @Hello5678, @MariethaVR, @Simone29F, @jgameau, @GratefulGranny, @Annski, @sickgirl, @NicA, @Leonoreok, @Manuka, @Shazza.o, @Romaroma, @Fi_Good, @Mermaid, @OctaviaB, Shannadoo, @DLS, @finisterre, @Fantastic4, @Lillipop, @Alouisie, @Maggienbub, @Valentine, @Sister, @[email protected], @Jobeth, @James UV, @E100245

Community highlights

Every week we have so much variety in the posts being shared on the online network.  These can include questions about treatments, updates on how things are going, and celebrating milestones. Here are some popular conversations you might have missed:

So unsure

Arimidex (whats your experience)

Taxol neuropathy

Story on channel 10 news regarding wait time in Qld for recon surgery



In the news….

Work & breast cancer group 

Thank you to all our members who posted comments in the Work & breast cancer group.  We are keen to keep this discussion going and are keen to hear of your experiences; the good and not so good.



Most of you would know Ann-Marie who was the Coordinator of the online network at BCNA over the last few years.  Unfortunately for us, Ann-Marie is leaving us at BCNA.  We are very sad to see her go and wish her all the very best in her future ventures.  I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Ann-Marie for all her amazing work within the online community, I know that she will miss you all.  Her amazing energy, warmth and compassion was evident in her work within our community. 

Hoping the weekend ahead for everyone is a relaxing one…

Will touch base again in two weeks’ time (that will be 3 days til Christmas!)

 Take care everyone



  • wendy_h67wendy_h67 Member Posts: 422
    So sad to hear that Anne- Marie is leaving. I was very happy to meet her at the Newcastle Forum.  She really brighten up your day ! 
  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 2,511
    It is sad that Ann-Marie is leaving us - here's wishing her well with her future endeavours!
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