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Hi ladies, I don't comment very much, because honestly some of the replies are just so good I often feel I can't add anymore. And I always find even after 2 years I can learn so much from the comments, I am doing  well and keeping as fit as possible. 
Today I just want some dear mother in law (92) left for heaven about one month ago. So with the help of my daughter in law we sold Grans furniture on Facebook.  We raised about $400.00.
We decided we would like to donate the money and  I was thinking about the McGrath foundation .....  Does anyone have a better direction it should go?
Thanks Ladies.  


  • kezmusckezmusc Member Posts: 426
    Absolutely McGrath.  The breast care nurses are invaluable.  Everybody should be able to have one.  More money...more breast care nurses.  Good on you!
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    It could be put to BCNA and go towards My Care Kits etc.

    Beautiful gesture. Sorry for your loss. Kath x

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    Where ever you choose know that it will give hope to someone going through this roller coaster ride. 
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    I just did a fundraiser for a local breast care support group in Brisbane called Be Uplifted. Wendy started this charity on her own and doesn’t get the support like the McGrath foundation which of course is a very worthy cause if you chose it.  Id also take a look at your local bc support groups as they always have to struggle for funds but are so worthy of any contributions. Just a thought. Margie xx 
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    McGrath Foundation and BCNA both provide invaluable and ongoing support for those of us with breast cancer - maybe split the funds 50/50?
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    Thank you all for your suggestions I appreciate all your help. So I will check out our local support groups and I like the idea of 50/50 split.  Such a lovely posts Kath and Soldiercrab.....thank you both.  
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    Hi there again. This part of my post disappeared for some reason!!  i was sorry to read about your mother in laws passing.  I’m sure she would be really pleased with your decision to make a donation to a charity of your choice. At 92 I hope she had a full and happy life and sounds like she was very much loved and will be missed by you all. Margie x
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    Thank you Margie for your kind words.  Yes she was very loved.
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    Anne-Marie @LITHGOW1950, so sorry for your loss. Aren't you wonderful to sell the furniture and even think about donating the proceeds. I think you're fantastic. So glad to hear that you are keeping well. Big hugs to you Xx Cath
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    Thank you Cath.  Big hugs from you well received. 
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    @LITHGOW1950, so sorry for your loss.
    paula xx
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