Looking for advice on "how to fill it"

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Hi Ladies, I have been recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer and am scheduled for surgery on Monday - I am losing my entire right breast only and was wondering how I can fill my bra to match my other one until I have my reconstruction done - is there something i can buy especially for this? hope this is not a silly question but feel free to laugh (i am finding it a little funny too) - feeling lost and embarrassed but need to know. thanks in advance


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    @KS35 don't feel embarassed. A valid question it is! I lost my right breast also and yet to reconstruct. Ask your breast care nurse to order you the post op Berli bra. It's free and it comes with a soft form breast prosthetic (like a little boob shaped pillow) to place in it. Also ask your nurse if she/he can order you the zunta pillow, which is made by a charity for post op. It's like a small u-pillow, which is great for placing under your arm after surgery to get comfy. Once your mastectomy scar heals you can get a permanent prosthetic form DJs or Myer or a bunch of other places, which is more like a chicken fillet. They sell lots of mastectomy bras too.
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    Hi @KS35, you can order your My Care Kit here (which includes your post op Berlei Bra and soft form insert).
    Just letting you also know that we have nurses on our Helpline who can help you with any questions or concerns you may have and can help link you in with resources/supports you may need. They can be contacted on 1800 500 258.
    Good luck with your surgery on Monday

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    Hi KS35. Coming in to summer what really helped me after the mastectomy was finding mastectomy swimwear.  I tried a 'swimming' prosthesis that felt like a bag of gravel, so I just stuff it with polyester, which bubbles a bit but I think Im the only one that notices it. Your breast care nurse might be able to organise a gift voucher for a mastectomy lingerie shop, and they should have swimmers.  Made such a difference for me, because I felt cancer was just stealing my breast, but my summer too.  Okay, not the cutest togs, but they look kind of normal, the neckline is straight across but it's not like up to your throat.  Made me feel heaps better.  Couldn't do much about the bald head though. With the bra, use the Berlie one or you need to get one that has a pocket, and shove the soft form in there.  Don't just tuck the pillow into your bra, it pops out too easily.  Once you heal a bit, you can get a prosthesis that is heavier, and medicare reimburses you (they cost over $400).  Mine got ruptured though, so I stick with the pillow. I was amazed how good I felt after the mastectomy.  I thought I'd feel sad, but I really felt s relieved, sure that the cancer had all gone.  Good luck with your surgery, and it's good to have a sense of humor. You don't get a lot of control over treatment, but you do control your attitude.  
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