Pain 2 years on

CatscrapcatsCatscrapcats Member Posts: 86
Hi Ladies, it's been 2 years since my wide local incision. Apart from the problems being on Letrozole bring, the breast has been good. Just this last week I have been having stabbing pains around the incision site. I assume it's nerve pain like when the site is healing. Has any else had this problem so far down the track?  


  • adeanadean Member Posts: 1,025
    Yea and for me its 5 years down the track my onco said quite normal as all the nerves trying to rebuild. She gave ma a good going over just incase but was all good.
  • CatscrapcatsCatscrapcats Member Posts: 86
    Thanks for that, I assumed it was but I've been a bit slack with my yearly checkup and it's running 3 months late and was beginning to wonder.
  • JanineGJanineG Melbourne (west)Member Posts: 117
    Me too Maria. Two years on and I can get random stabbing pains. I think it's just when I have the rare moments of feeling normal then I stretch, lift , move or generally do too much and it bites me. I was told normal too. 
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 4,292
    I had my boobs removed and I weirdly get that deep internal stabbing pain now and then ...and wonder how...the boobs not there?! Haha.   But I guess the nerves are.
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