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Well what fun we are all having at the 2011 Summit in St Kilda! Although the sky is grey, the faces are all glowing.

So much chatter, many laughs and oh so much FOOD!!

Happy days and leanring lots.



  • Di_BCNA
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    Hey Mandy!   Loved seeing you again at the Summit, and guess what?  It's the most beautiful fine and sunny day here now that everyone's gone home.   Of course! :)

    Glad you enjoyed yourself and found the program good, too.  Double bonus!


  • Custard
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    Yes Di, I enjoyed a beautiful day in Ballarat and trip home as well. That is the first time I have experienced a beautiful day in Ballarat!!

    Gosh I am tired but I reckon all of you are totally exhausted- so much preparation, setting up, arranging, talking then clearing away!

    Be assured we all appreciated everything you girls do!

    I got to the airport at 2.30pm for a 4.30 flight home and there were 3 Summiters from WA-  of them 2 I hadn't seen there, we all had a laugh about that! I reckon I could recognise say 30 at a stretch.

    Don't work too hard.